June 12, 2019

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Have you ever thought about how many sales you’re winning or losing because of the buying ‘experience’ that Mums go through with you? The customer experience is the whole journey from the moment she discovers your brand, buying it, using it, and the follow up she receives afterwards.

It’s emotional, and measures how people feel about you throughout these touch points:

Even if your product is awesome, if the experience lets people down, you lose.

An easy way to see the impact of this is to have a think about a new buying experience you had, how it made you feel and if you would re-purchase and tell others about it.

For me, I tried a private group training class. While the trainer and the exercises were excellent, the trainer was easily distracted and did not provide guidance on technique – therefore, as customers, we felt neglected and didn’t get the value we expected from the class.

Did this experience ‘WOW’ me? No.

Did this experience fuel advocacy? No.

Is this common? Yes.

It’s so easy to do better!

Here’s a tip:

  • If you ‘wow’ a customer, they will tell 3 people.
  • If you give a negative experience, they will tell 9 people

Therefore, it is more cost-effective and impactful to mitigate the negative experience than investing in the ‘wow’ moment. (Although, there’s still a place for ‘wow’ moments!)

In the instance of the gym scenario – we didn’t need complimentary neck massages to satisfy us (wow moment). We simply needed the class to deliver what it was supposed to – what we expected it to, in this instance the customer attention and feedback on our technical execution, to get the most VALUE out of the class. If we don’t get value, we don’t have a good customer experience.

The journey ends. The time it took to get the customer in the first instance is fruitless.

What do Mums actually want from an experience with you? How can you deliver on this?

  1. Demonstrate that you ‘get her’, know what she wants, pain points, feeling, goals
  2. Show that you care for her needs; develop relationships
  3. Give her the value she’s after (if you’ve done step 1 and 2 this is easy)
  4. Make the process seamless and remove the roadblocks at each transaction point
  5. Be customer centric – is the Mum’s experience at the forefront of all your processes?
  6. Impress her – exceed her expectations


Then let’s jump on a 15 minute call to discuss your plans to market to more Mums this year. In this call we’ll:

  • Explore previous/current challenges you are experiencing marketing to this audience
  • Share custom market research intel, relevant to your goals and challenges
  • Identify and explore 2 critical ideas to ensure you smash your goals further

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