March 17, 2020

These are the most common and costly mistakes brands are making when speaking to Mums. Are they holding your growth back?

Brands making costly mistakes are:

1. Not being absolutely obsessed with knowing the customer today

2. Relying too much on the brand goodwill to attract customers

3. No effort to foster 2-way personal relationships and instead blasting 1 sided ads

4. Not leveraging initiatives and campaigns to improve and amplify ROI

5. Making marketing decisions based on assumptions rather actual facts

Why is this a big problem?

  1. Without addressing the 5 points noted, you will not be able to find, build and leverage relationships with Mums.
  2. Superior relationships is what leads to Mum to Mum Advocacy – which is sales gold.
  3. Your success depends on advocacy levels because mum turn to other mums more than any other medium.

So ask yourself, which of the 5 points can you improve on to attract more Mum advocacy and boost results.