April 1, 2020

Staying connected is more important now as we adjust to a new normal in our society. However, just because we are physical distancing, doesn’t mean we have to be socially distant…. Here are 5 strategies for influencers to implement today and attract more collabs post COVID-19.

The good news for influencers is that social media usage has increased by 40% as a result of the COVID-19 crisis, as more and more users are jumping online, finding fun and innovative ways to stay connected and occupied (it would explain my recent TikTok addiction). The bad news is that a downturn in the economy has impact the amount of available advertisers. What does this mean for influencers? This makes it an ideal time to…

Plant the seeds today to attract more brand collabs tomorrow.

To help you journey through these uncharted waters, we have outlined our 5 tips that you can use today to help you attract more collabs tomorrow and increase your connection with your audience as we embrace this new normal and navigate the dynamic online landscape as it unfolds.


1. Connect and deepen relationships. This is a time to reconnect with your readers/followers as well as brands you previously worked with to increase your own brand affinity. A way to do this is could be via a poll with your readers, i.e. find out what they would love to see you share more about/get their feedback) and a poll with brands you’ve worked with, i.e. find out what kind of brand content is most important to them now.

2. Share content that aligns with your values. If brand collabs are slowing, use this time to reflect on your vision, mission, values and the role you play to inspire others. This is a great time to realign your future content and insights with what you stand for and build a stronger brand positioning. This will make your position in the market clearer and more obvious to brands.

3. Empathy is key. Many people are being affected by the virus and its ricocheting effects – It may take time to find a respectful voice that demonstrates your empathy and embodies your strengths. Get this right to bolster engagement, instill trust and help lower barriers between you, brands and your audience. It will also facilitate more emotive connectedness, a powerful way to ensure content cut through for brand partners.

4. Prepare for success. Use this time to create a media kit you can share with companies you want to work with, that fills them in about your brand, successful projects, what makes you awesome and why they should partner with you. This way, when the tide turns, you’re ready to roar. While you’re at it, start your wish list of brands you want to eventually partner with.

5. Formally establish cross-promotional partnerships with 5 industry mates. This way, you all increase exposure proactively to be seen and discovered by more brands. Go beyond random shout outs to help each other grow. Best way to move forward with this is:

  • Identify 5 influencers to cross-partner with,
  • Set up a monthly promotional calendar,
  • Action and then,
  • Be accountable!

We are all being encouraged to adapt and mould with this new online climate. Perfect opportunity to go back to your values, nurture your relationships and put your framework in place to thrive when things settle down. So ask yourself, what are you doing today to attract more brand partnerships tomorrow?

If you’re looking to build stronger relationships with brands your audience will love, join our tribe today and be across more tips and cross collaboration opportunities.