April 21, 2020

Do you know how the role of Influencers promoting brands has changed at the moment? If not, that’s okay, we have your back.

We continuously reach out to our growing database of 2,000+ active influencers for insights about their online world to understand trends and opportunities for brands. Given our current circumstances around COVID-19, we asked influencers how they are navigating this new online landscape to provide you with the strategies to optimise your influencer marketing.

Here is your 1 minute wrap up on trends you need to know to amplify your campaign results.

Top 8 research insights:

  1. More pressure on Influencers: Compared to 3 months ago, influencers have felt a greater responsibility to produce valuable and responsible content for their audience than before
  2. Everything has changed: Compared to 3 months ago the influencers content tone, content type and content timing of posts has all taken a notable new direction for them.
  3. Life is ‘just ok’: Judging by the online engagement taking place, Influencers rate their audiences’ outlook on life at the moment as 5 (1 = Negative outlook, 10 = Positive outlook)
  4. Influencers behaving differently: Most influencers (80%) have shifted the content tone
  5. Delivering content that ‘adds value’ to readers life: Influencers are increasingly conscious about providing more uplifting, encouraging and productive posts.
  6. Online engagement is booming: With more mums online, it’s no wonder around 60% of influencers are experiencing an increase in engagement and spike in traffic/new followers
  7. Content for Mums and Kids a winner: Most popular content is Mum-centric (36%), Kid-centric (32%) and personal lives about the Influencer (22%) receiving the most attention.
  8. Readers loving certain vehicles more than others: Content generating most engagement: 1. Static insta posts, 2. Stories, 3. Blog content, 4 (Equal) IGTV & Static Facebook, 5. You Tube.

Snapshot of what influencers told Mumpower: 

“Never have people been connected online more. Fun, positive, encouraging and engaging video content is the way to go”

Helen | Mumma loves to share (20.5k Followers IG)

“My audience has grown x 4 (previews went from 100,000 to 400,000 – FB group went from 30k to 120k in less than a month!”

Carol | My Bored Toddler (120k Followers FB)

“Mums jump online to find ideas and inspiration to keep kids busy, things for themselves and how to navigate life at home. Brands who bring something to the table in this environment should be investing in getting their service or product in front of the buyer i.e. Mums”

Vanessa | Child Blogger (13.9k Followers IG)

There you have it, the top 8 takeaway insights that reveal what Influencers are experiencing right now, for you to optimise your influencer marketing.

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