April 23, 2020

We recently reached out to our vast network of 2000+ influencers to find out how they are navigating this new online landscape to provide you with the strategies to optimise your influencer marketing results.

In case you missed our latest blog post, here is a refresh of the research insights. Now that you are up to speed with changes, here are the exact 7 steps you need to implement today to ensure you maximise and truly amplify your influencer marketing results.

Next steps for brands to maxamise influencer marketing results

  1. Be seen: This is one platform you want to continue to invest in, with more traffic online than ever before, and less competitors vying for this real estate, it is a chance to stand out
  2. Stay customer centric: Modify your messages to speak to Mums immediate needs to show you know what matters to her right now. Focus building relationships that last longer than the virus.
  3. Increase creative control to the influencer: As the influencer is at the frontline of what readers are engaging with most, ask for her (or our) recommended ways to meet brand KPIs.
  4. Add value to the readers lives: Readers are seeking information, inspiration, productive and practical tools to navigate new lifestyles and needs. What/how can influencers share your brand story that will improve readers lives in these circumstances, in place of hard sell. i.e. transparent information about topics mums care about, practical activities for ISO living, inspiration to enhance everyday ‘real’ life

5. Mix content up: Make sure your campaign includes a mix of content, i.e. Instagram, Blog Content, Facebook and Videos to maximise campaign rather focusing on 1 channel.

Bonus tips: These are 2 factors you want to get right in the first instance because it impacts campaign results (this is our specialty) which is:

6. Find the right voices: Take the time to research and select the most well aligned, credible, pre-screened influencers, that reflect your brand values and ethos.

7. Craft the right message: in a way that aligns and provide ambassadors with a brief that covers key info, in a way she can make her own. The right message integrates brand key selling features, the influencers real relationship with the brand and it is presented in a way that matters to the audience.

Following these steps and understanding the new dynamic climate are key to ensuring you’re maximising your ROI and driving your influencer marketing campaign further.