May 7, 2020

Discover what motivates your buyer for a full proof way to optimise the buying experience and your customers satisfaction. Here’s how.

When it comes to runners, I’m not the customer who buys online. I try stuff on, test the fit, ask questions to the experts, compare, then buy. There’s still a few of us left out there!

I went to the local sports store to pick up a new pair of shoes. The store was busy so 1-on-1 service wasn’t possible.

The Covid-19 regulations meant staff were unable to help with fittings to ensure, well, ‘the shoe fit’.

I grudgingly walked out with a new pair of ill-fitting shoes.

I lasted a few days before I asked to return them for something else. That “something else” being time with a rep that could help me make an informed buying decision.

This time, an interested and available store expert gave me what customers like me are after:

Confidence that this product will make running more enjoyable.

By the brand rep asking questions around my goals and explaining options, features and how they would support me, I was empowered to make a great buying decision. I got what I really wanted – information.

I bought 2 pairs and recommended to others.


For brands that speak to Mums, there are 5 lessons from this ‘everyday’ shopping experience and easy ways to increase sales:

  1. Listen to what your customers are/are not telling you they care about and ask better questions. What are they motivated by and what are they put off by? Only then can you offer solutions that matter
  2. Offer excellent customer service – do what others can’t be bothered with that will make you unique and memorable and elevate your brand
  3. Review every single step of the path to purchase and each trigger point to ensure it is optimized – where can you do better?
  4. Aim to replicate what people want from an offline experience into online experience, because that is the way of the future and a great opportunity as not everyone will be going this extra mile. Please go the extra mile.
  5. Be honest with your customers

These 5 strategies guarantee you optimise the path to purchase. Plus, all this is what is involved in building powerful relationships with your customers. Powerful relationships stand the test of time and drive brand advocacy.

And brand advocacy is the catalyst to your growth.