June 4, 2020

With lock down, Mum shopper habits changed overnight. Which meant successful influencer marketing campaigns changed just as quickly…

When lockdown first came into place, Mum shopper habits changed literally overnight. This created opportunities for brands collaborating with influencers at the time. Brand custodians were faced with the choice to either continue promoting brands online, in the same way as before. Or, regroup on the new environment and changed buyer behaviour to recraft a different way to speak to customers online, via influencers.

In our role of coordinating and implementing high performing influencer campaigns (campaign activation) on behalf of our brand partners, we chose to challenge the status quo and adapt to the new environment.

Here’s an example of exactly what we learnt and what we focused on to deliver successful influencer marketing campaigns for one of our retail partners, Spotlight, and the 7 steps that will optimise your next campaign.

 7 steps to successful influencer marketing:

  1. Step back from what we were ‘supposed to be doing’
  2. Question its relevance
  3. Listen to the customer, their concerns and what they were going through
  4. Revisit the plan to increase it’s relevance to consumers today
  5. Move very quickly implement
  6. Be flexible and adaptable
  7. Evaluate

Spotlight was one of the fabulous retail partners we did this for. We were in the middle of promoting their interactive in store activities and themed weekends, when lock down took place.

With lockdown, Mums faced unprecedented new challenges to entertain the children at home.

So the campaign shifted from promoting in store experiences to promoting DIY at-home projects that would provide fun, entertainment, and support for Mums, families and children having tense times at home by delivering heaps of interactive projects they could do from home.

The results have been AMAZING.

Within weeks, 150 pieces of user generated branded content was created by 12 best-fit Mum influencers including infeed posts, blog posts, stories and IGTV’s reaching hundreds of thousands of readers and potential customers.

Tip for marketers:

The whole process was a perfect reminder and lesson in how important it is to stay at the forefront of what customers want, and by quickly adapting, how brands have the opportunity to improve an aspect of their customers lives – and ultimately their brand relevance.