June 11, 2020

Face to face customer engagement is a critical touchpoint for many brands and often a point of difference. Learn how to do this in an online world.

We’re a huge fan of face to face! It is a key way for brands to facilitate customer engagement, provide deeper, more customised education around needs and preferences encouraging 2-way conversations. All these factors impact sales.

The question is, how to do this well when face to face is not an option?

Here’s a great example from the retailer, MECCA Brands, who has adapted and adopted easy tools to maintaining its relationship with consumers. Mecca found a different way to continue delivering on one of their core strengths.

By integrating an online virtual service experience, Mecca was able to continue to personalise the customers’ experience. They have done this by optimising the path the purchase and finding solutions that the customer will value the most. During a time when in store activity was limited, this strategy removed sale roadblocks and added value to the customers e-commerce shopping experience.

This virtual service gave MECCA a platform to create an in-store experience, online for their customers with technology. It was basically like having a makeup artist right there beside you, in your own home. (Maybe for a little spruce before your next Zoom meeting?).

Nevertheless, these power moves from the makeup giant has created some key takeaway’s & lessons that will improve your e-commerce platform and guide your next marketing strategy, amid a pandemic.

Use technology. If this has taught us anything it is, technology is your best friend. A mix of existing platforms and integrations will increase your visibility and the connection you have with customers. Also, stay up to date with technology to make sure you offer customers a seamless e-commerce buying experience. If it is too hard for the customer to buy, they simply go elsewhere.

Maintain existing relationship with your customer. Yes, this will be a different process to what you’re used to, but you must adapt to stay relevant. Work through the key ways you normally nurture relationships and see how you can transfer this approach with different touch points. This way, you ensure your customer’s experience and relationship with your brand is at expected standards. (Short term pain to implement for long term gain).

Educate, inspire, inform, interact. In this example, MECCA did not push for a sale. They offered education and added value, via a FREE personalised beauty consultation. They used their expertise & knowledge to provide on-going beauty support to their customer base, and solve the customers problems. In doing so, they continued personal social connection and reduced barriers to purchase. This empowered the customer to feel empowered to make an informed decision.

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