June 12, 2020

Is your brand Australia Made, designed in Australia, or boasts a local link? If so, this is your time to shine.

“Australians are buying home grown products in record numbers.” According to an article in the Herald Sun.

While COVID-19 has had its impact on the economy, it has also seemed to create a movement encouraging Australians to spend their dollars locally and consumers are responding.

It is a fair prediction to make that this demand will continue. We saw this trend strengthen late last year and early this year in the research we were conducting with our Mumpower Research Panel.

There was a rising trend among mothers actively looking to buy Australia Made products for her family across numerous categories including FMCG and supermarket essential, everyday product, baby and children products, skincare, food and with products that supported health and wellbeing along with a rising interest in seeking out the product of origin on packaging and labels.

From all accounts, #covid-19 has accelerated this demand. Moving forward, it will be interesting to see how long it will last and how price sensitive the market will be.

In light of the recent changes to Mum shopper habits Australia-wide, including demand and interest for local products among other trends, in May/June 2020 Mumpower conducted a Market Research Survey with 508 Grocery Shoppers (440 online respondents, plus 68 phone interviews) to uncover how changing habits (across shopping, relationships and life) will all impact the economy moving forward.

When it comes to Australia made demand, here is an extract from the 187 fast facts in the Mumpower Shopper Insights; The Habits Shaping the Future which showed:

  • 80% of respondents will now buy more local/Australia Made than before
  • 85% of respondents will be more careful about what they are buying
  • 30% of respondents now pay more attention to how brands talk to them/market themselves to them, versus 11% who care less
  • 48% of respondents will buy more products/brands they are familiar with, while 30% of respondents are now more interested in trying and discovering new brands

3 key Tips for brands to capitalise on these trends and shopper demands for Australia made products include:

  1. Update labelling/package information. Make it clear to your customer that you are Australian made, or designed, or run. 99% of consumers recognise the “Australian Made Logo”. Let customers know who you are and how you support Australia.
  2. Share Australia made/local story about the brand. While there is an increasing amount of consumers paying more attention to how brands talk to them, ensure you are getting the correct message out. Share your local brand story that will ignite brand interest, inform audiences and attract support from consumers actively interested in investing in local brands. This could be via a PR and publicity campaign, Influencer Marketing campaign, local events, online word of mouth program. Want to learn more? click here.
  3. Form strategic partnerships and cross promotional partnerships. Join forces with other brands with a similar story/background/Australia made message, who provide complimentary product/service to the same customer base. This is an opportunity to access a wider audience interested in similar types of products. It’s also an opportunity to create a greater level of market noise and increase the strength and appeal of promotional campaigns.