June 22, 2020

Looking for marketing support but not sure where to start? Learn more about our popular marketing services and if they are right for you.

Mumpower is the marketing agency of choice for hundreds of brands that sell products and services Mothers buy for herself, her family, her home and her children.

All the marketing services and solutions detailed below have been designed and successfully applied for product and service industries including; all baby goods, children’s products, family essentials, FMCG, food and supermarket essentials, home (products, appliances, homewares, services/utilities etc), beauty, health, wellness, financial services, education, fashion, travel and entertainment. Here’s an example of brands we’ve partnered with.

Explore this mini snapshot of the definitions and ways we service the industry, to deliver superior brand advocacy for them, to see if this is right for your brand too.

Market research:

  • Market research: Imagine how much your business will grow if you knew everything about mum shoppers buying behaviour for your brand and category, including path to purchase, sources of influence, and competitive review. Our in-depth online questionnaires, in-person focus groups and phone/video interviews reveal all. What’s unique about our research is: internal data access – we don’t ‘rent’ databases, plus our insights are produced to serve multiple purposes (brand feedback, publicity opportunities, product testimonials) and we also arrange permissions from respondents to repurpose selected feedback. Get set for sales success. Learn more
  • Product Testing: Does your product really meet the needs of Mums? Find out for sure. We get your products straight into the hands of mums via the Mumpower trial team, in-home Mums groups, and/or Australia’s top mum influencers and mum bloggers to provide extensive feedback and NPD assessment to increase appeal and likelihood to buy. Learn more

Influencer Marketing & Digital Marketing Campaign Services: 

  • Influencer marketing outreach:

    Mum influencers, Facebook mums and mum bloggers spread word of mouth (WOM) to more mums, faster. Gain access to 2000+ active, engaged and relevant gate keepers who talk to your customers directly. Ignite powerful mum to mum advocacy via key introductions, short-term projects or always-on representation. Learn more

  • Custom Marketing projects: Do you have a one-off marketing project or campaign to get off the ground fast and efficiently? Mumpower is equipped and experienced to take on accountability for all sorts of marketing projects from events, publicity campaigns, reviews, influencer marketing, filming, content creation and more. Fast track your next project.
  • Retainer representation: Imagine you instantly expanded your entire marketing team, influencer network and endless bank of market intel. That’s exactly what happens with Mumpower as your marketing agency on tap. Generate ongoing, measured marketing results – continuously. Learn more
  • Reviews: Today’s Mums actively research before purchase and read an endless amount of product reviews to ensure she is making an informed buying decision. Mumpower coordinates mass delivery of authentic, informative and credible Facebook reviews, google reviews, shopping hub reviews, general reviews, social & video reviews– all with permission for you as the brand custodian to reshare this content. Spread the word and increase your brand awareness and relevance. Learn more
  • Brand ambassadors: The success of your next campaign depends on how well aligned your ambassadors are to your brand values. This takes time and can often be mishandled, affecting campaign results. Yet if done exceedingly well, these influencers will inform and empower more potential customers and the success is limitless. We take the guess work out of selecting the perfect “one”. We pre-screen, validate & select perfectly aligned ambassadors that will accelerate your brand exposure and reach. Learn more
  • Content creation: Don’t know what to say? We do! We work with our highly skilled team of internal and/or external mum-centric content creators and copy writers to prepare inspiring, informative, entertaining collateral in line with your goals (ie. EDM’s, social copy, website copy, imagery, videos) that resonates with Mums and attracts greater engagement. Learn more
  • Branded content: Collaborate with our vast network of influencers who will create content for your advertising campaigns following a tailored brief that meets your campaigns objectives. We pre-screen and validate all influencers who are well aligned with your brand and coordinate a branded content campaign that is powerful, emotive, engaging and delivers excellent metrics on a timely basis. Learn more
  • Mumpower Influencer Marketing events (Bloggers Brunch): Create highly leveraged relationships via personal and direct access to 50 Influencers with 2 Million reach at Australia’s Premier Influencer Marketing Event. Whether it’s a new brand, or an existing brand with a new campaign, this is the fastest and proven way to access more Mums. Learn more
  • Bespoke Influencer Marketing events: Enjoy the limelight with a custom influencer event centered around your brand. Tap into our vast network of contacts and experience with brand specific, personalised, bespoke events and experiences for Influencers and Brands to meet, mingle, lunch and learn from one another in an intimate environment. Access to thousands of influencers and promotional partners ready to engage, attend and collaborate.

Public relations & other below the line marketing services explained:

Corporate Training and Strategy:  

  • Masterclasses & Staff training: Gain our years of experience with inhouse training, presentations and corporate masterclasses that prepare you and the team for growth. Learn exact ways to build influencer partnerships, Conduct in-house research, Maximise ROI from consumer shows, Manage successful events and more. Increase team efficiency and thrive with insider hacks.
  • Marketing strategy: To build a fabulous house, you need the right foundation – and that’s how our marketing strategy works; our growth roadmaps are customised to your needs and tried and tested with years of experience. Marketing strategy is the backbone to strong results. Learn more

All marketing solutions are available under our 3 divisions: Market Research, Campaign Activation, Accelerator session and are curated to lead your brand to next level brilliance.