February 10, 2021

Are you ready to get started with influencer marketing? Or… are you already working with influencers but want to make sure you’re aligning with the best ones for your brand?

Don’t sweat– we’ve got you covered with the top 4 influencers that you NEED to be working with to get your content strategy off the ground and buzzing in the feeds of thousands (even millions!).

Adding influencers to your marketing to your strategy will boost visibility, increase brand awareness and drive sales. But what seems to be an industry secret is the recipe to finding the RIGHT influencers for YOU. But…. we don’t think it should be kept under wraps any longer…and we are going to spill the beans!

Here are the only influencers you should be collaborating with:

1. Active Influencers:

It seems simple, but triple check they are active and are posting content on a regular basis. Follow them for a few weeks to get a feel for their posting schedule and if they are responding to comments. If influencers are not active and engaged their page tends to get lost in the mysterious algorithm of social media.

2. Authentic & well aligned:

Your potential customers will be able to spot inauthentic posts from trillions of kilometres away. Take the time to find and align your brand with influencers who organically talk about similar ideas/content/products that your brand sells. Your potential customers will be more receptive to the message coming from someone who really believes in it.
How not to align: If you have a quick minute, take a look at questionable partnership between Pepsi and Kendall Jenner, last year.

3. Same target market:

The audience your influencer has should be the same as the customers you want to appeal too. i.e. think about age groups, interests, location, etc. Therefore, not only do you need to be paying attention to the actual influencer, you need to activate ‘stalk mode’ and find out a little bit more about their audience to give you a more complete understanding of their niche. If you have a great influencer with the wrong audience, your campaign is a waste of money.

4. Engaged:

We are beyond vanity metrics in 2019- Look deeper. Check out the quality of interaction. Check out how influencers are interacting with their audience and similarly, how their audience is interacting with them. Determine how active and engaged their audience is – this will tell you how invested they will be in the content.

And there you have it – working with these top 4 influencers will ensure a stronger, more successful and leveraged collaboration. Invest the time to identify influencers who are perfect with you brand – or say hello and we’ll do it for you. Ultimately, you can control how powerful, believable and amplified your user generated content is to inform and empower your customers about your brands.