March 22, 2022

Strengthen your Influencer relationships with these tips, directly from our trusted Influencer network!


For more than 10 years, Mumpower has been focussed on nurturing the connection between Mum-centric brands and the Influencers that speak directly to millions of mum-shoppers.

Our latest study ‘The State of Mum-Influencer Marketing 2022’ asked the questions brands want answered, and the results will reveal the latest trends and strategies to power up your next Influencer Marketing Campaign.

In this article, Mumpower taps into our trusted network of 2000+ Mum influencers to reveal the top 20 reasons why Influencers won’t work with your brand and 5 powerful steps a brand can take to strengthen influencer success.

20 Reasons why Influencers won’t collaborate with your Brand:

  1. Expecting too much in return
  2. Not offering a fair remuneration
  3. If they don’t genuinely use the product
  4. Perception of poor product quality
  5. Product or brand doesn’t align with their personal brand or audience
  6. Product or brand doesn’t align with feed aesthetic or usual type of content
  7. Unrealistic timeframes for deliverables
  8. Lack of detail or clarity of expectations in brief
  9. Restrictive approval process
  10. Pre-defined scripted captions
  11. Editing demands
  12. Cost of product too unrealistic for audience
  13. Lack of creative freedom
  14. No personalisation in the brand outreach
  15. Poor representation of diversity from the brand
  16. Short contract terms
  17. Unethical practices by the brand or associated spokespeople
  18. Lack of communication
  19. The brand does not welcome honest reviews
  20. Not taking the time to research influencer before contacting her


5 powerful steps a brand can take to accelerate relationships with Mum Influencers:

1. Encourage influencer to create more relatable content – this instils trust, confidence and ultimately engage the audience better

2. Build longer-term relationships with Influencers that align with your brand rather than one-off collabs to increase brand awareness and keep your brand top of mind

3. Respect the time and value the output of the content creator to create win/win partnerships and leave positive brand impression

4. Allow the creator to be genuine in their review to accelerate brand trust with your prospective customers

5. Take the time to research best-fit, aligned influencers to represent you – because a strong campaign starts with this!

To find out more:

Founder and CEO Christie Nicholas will reveal all the results from the study exclusively at an upcoming free webinar.

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