April 19, 2022

market research Australian Mum via webinar

We celebrate the brands our Mumshopper network buys time and again – are you on the list?


We know that Mums are largely in charge of the family budget, and it is more important than ever that brands focus on strengthening relationships and gaining endorsements from these shoppers so your product is top of mind when it comes time to make a purchase..

Mumpower is at the forefront of discovering what matters to this powerful buying group by undertaking regular research, tapping into our vast network of more than 20,000 Australian Mums. In our most recent study, we asked what brand or product made a real difference in their lives over the last year. The results identified products that save time, are cost effective and many were Aussie owned businesses – Mums are loving local!

Congratulations to the following brands, who in no particular order, were revealed as the tried and tested products that Mums can’t live without:

• Koh

• MCO Beauty

• Chux

• Medela

• Uppababy

• Nuk First Choice Temperature Control Bottles

• Ikea High Chair

• Palmolive Kids Detangling Spray

• b.box

• Nutura Toddler Milk

• InfaSecure


• Happy Hair Brush

Palmer’s Cocoa Butter

• Cetaphil

• Munchbox

• ErgoPouch

• Ecotan Face Water

• Minbie Steraliser & Dryer

• The Ordinary

• Messy Monkeys

• The SWEAT App

• Baby Jogger City Tour 2

• Anko

• FESS Little Noses

• QV Skincare

• Smiggle

• Spriggy

• MooGoo

• Hippo Blue

In Her Words

“Makes it appear like I have colouring and life again after long days and sleepless nights!” (Ecotan Face Water) – Simone, WA

“How great is it to be able to pop into Kmart and pick up something from this treasure trove, so much choice!” (Anko) – Jordana, SA

“This has been my saviour. My kids exercise with me and the subscription is more than worth it.” (SWEAT App) – Renee, NSW

“It makes my kids happy!” (Smiggle) – Sonya, VIC

“Helps with my daughter’s eczema and my breakouts from stress and hormones. Bit of a life saver.” (MooGoo) – Alice, VIC

“I spray it on all my surfaces because it’s non-toxic and has no chemical odor. It’s not only a great cleaner, it’s safe around kids, which is very important.” (Koh) – Ada, VIC

“Pumping made easy. Literally saved me from being engorged, and my baby still gets his milk.” (Medela) – Jana, QLD

“Makes my life easier by making products that can withstand the wrath of a two year old.” (b.box) – Chloe, QLD

“I can finally brush my toddler’s hair without her screaming!” (Happy Hair Brush) – Renee, NSW

“It keeps us occupied discovering, building and role playing, the possibilities are endless. It’s something we can all do together.” (LEGO) – Lisa, NSW

“Provides the utmost safety and comfort for all 3 of my children. My life is made easier knowing that they are safe!” (InfaSecure) – Jessica, VIC

What does this mean for brands?

Knowing what is important to the Mum Shopper is key to building a solid, trustworthy brand that Mums turn to when making their purchasing decisions. A mum’s recommendation is sales gold, as you win both her trust, her affiliation with your brand, and ultimately her spend.

Mumpower enables brands to communicate appropriately, stay on top of trends and ensure their marketing strategy aligns with the customer and what motivates her to buy.

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