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5 bulletproof strategies to boost awareness (based on current research) and drive sales for consumer brands in today’s market

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Are you optimising your sales and growing your market share as fast as you should?

Is your marketing performing in today’s consumer climate?

Are you ready to gain confidence in your marketing decisions, what to do first, differently or better, to attract more “mums”/customers and achieve ROI, faster?

In this immersive and FREE Masterclass, we unpack exactly how, what and why Mums are buying today, and show you the exact roadmap to unlock revenue and increase market share.

Have full clarity around where your marketing is hitting and missing the mark – and let us show you what it will take for you to be the brand champion in today’s market.

If you are a Marketing Manager, or senior stakeholder and keen to gain the competitive edge DON’T MISS this – you can’t afford to.

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This is how the masterclass benefits brands like yours:

“Great insightful presentation! An important reminder how social media is such a powerful tool still.” – Andrea

“Great to understand how things are shifting in the market and how to connect better to our audience.” – Kristy

“Most informative was the influence of social media and the ideas around customer reviews because of how powerful they can be!” – Sean

“Todays presentation really helped me to breakdown marketing and talking to Mums in a more bite-sized format” – Tayler

“Super beneficial presentation because it allowed me to have a better understanding of the Mum market and their buying decisions.” – Cristobal

The masterclasses are exceptional. I have attended at least 5- virtually and in person and every time I attend, I learn something new about what I am not doing, that we should be doing so that we are really tapping into the Mum market” – Sophie and Megan

In the Masterclass discover:

. BRAND NEW highly sought after data from the exclusive and in-demand 2023/2024 “Australian Mums Today” consumer research report, revealing latest trends and exactly what, why and how your customers are buying

. Case studies from industry players already winning the game!

. The 5 part marketing framework that any business can follow for Mum-marketing success

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Who is this Masterclass for?

This masterclass is designed for senior marketers and industry professionals that are responsible for the marketing decisions of their brand.

How long does this Masterclass run for?

It is a 45 minute Masterclass.

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