February 22, 2024

Mumpower –  Australia’s no. 1 Marketing and Mum Influencer Agency for Mum-centric Brands.

Did you know?

Mum influencers and content creators are playing an increasingly significant role in shaping how brands are reaching and connecting with Mums. Afterall, Mums spend more time online and value the authentic opinions and recommendations of other Mums. Mumpower is Australia’s first and most established agency that exclusively and obsessively focuses on understanding Mums – it is our mission to lead a movement that educates, empowers and enables businesses to involve Mums in the brand dialogue.

And that is where you come in.

  • Do you want any easy way to connect with brands?
  • Do you want to build relationships with brands you and your audience will love?
  • Do you wish there was an agency who managed all of the boring stuff whilst you focus on content?

At Mumpower we understand Mums, so we understand you. We are the perfect match-maker to bring you closer to working with brands we know you will love.

Be a part of our fabulous, influential tribe of Mums and Influencers and you will:

Get hot new collabs and exclusive event invitations direct to your inbox!

It’s so quick and easy to get involved. Simply join our community by subscribing to our newsletter and you will have firsthand access to new brand collabs as well as exclusive events and experiences – such as our iconic influencer event the Bloggers Brunch™. No more sifting through emails or APP’s to find a job, we approach you directly. It’s free and we don’t charge commission!

“Everyone in the team are so kind, organized and helpful! And you always have amazing brands to work with. Can’t wait for more exciting and exclusive collabs!”  @hijkgonnaplay

Build relationships with relevant brands!

Mumpower has an incredible network of brands from all categories – baby and children products, educational services, home products and more! (Basically – every type of product you buy for yourself, your family or your home – we represent). You can check out some of the brands we’ve introduced to influencers like you here) Brands choose Mumpower for their Influencer Marketing needs because of our long-standing relationships with you, our influencer network. They choose us so we can do the hard work for them (and you!) and be the ultimate collaboration matchmaker – whether that be through collab opportunities, bespoke influencer events or the Bloggers Brunch™.

“I have worked with Mumpower on numerous collabs now and I can honestly say that they are AMAZING! I love how much they
value your work and are so professional. And they always have super FUN collabs!”  @lifeof_laylamay_zahliarae

Enjoy Creative freedom!

We value you and how you can bring a brand or product to life! You know your audience best – we simply provide you with the brief and guidelines and let you create inspiring content. We manage the rest. Our brand partners value and appreciate authenticity so no cookie cutter approaches here.

“It was a great experience, a really great influencer agency to work with – your briefs, systems, paperwork and communication was all really streamlined and easy (you should see some of the communication I get from other places!). You also didn’t try to over art direct the content – which always makes it easier to execute and better content all round.” @ames.webster

Get involved!

If you want access to incredible brands that value their customer (you!) and want relevant collabs and exclusive influencer event invitations sent to you directly, then we would love for you to join our influencer tribe HERE today.

There’s no application form or registering interest – once you sign up, you have immediate access to apply for all brand collab opportunities and event experiences.

What are you waiting for? Sign up today.

“I’ve known Mumpower for 2 years now. They helped me connect with amazing brands I didn’t expect to collaborate with. I’m so grateful knowing the people behind Mumpower. They are very approachable and supportive, they’ve challenged me to be more creative and I felt appreciated in all work I do. If you are looking to connect with amazing brands either as a content creator or to join Mum review panels, definitely check out Mumpower.” @klaudinegerman

“Mumpower are one of the most organized agencies to work for. Everything is straight forward and they’re also flexible, highly professional and they work with some of the top brands. They really are a pleasure to work with, can’t speak more highly of them”. @lisaschmidt84

“Thank youso much @mumpower_au for helping me connect with awesome brands like Remington! If you’re a mama who enjoys reviewing products, I highly recommend checking out Mumpower” @hannah_schroder