March 7, 2024

Don’t miss out on the benefits of collaborating with this powerful group.

Did you know Mums are the gatekeepers for almost all consumer segments?

With Australian Mums indicating that they are either the primary decision maker or share the decision making equally with their partner across all relevant categories*, they are a segment not to be ignored. Add the layer of influence on social media and their power is supercharged.

If you are simply targeting ‘females 25-44’ or using only ‘female influencers’ in your comms, you are missing out on this powerful market.

Mums are all about word-of-mouth recommendations and with 77% of them discovering a product or service for the first time via an influencer*, marketers need to include not just influencer marketing in their mix, but specifically Mum influencers.

Why are Mum influencers so popular?

  • Mums trust Mums! Influencer marketing within the Mum space plays a crucial role in driving brand awareness across any category as Mums love a good recommendation from someone they trust to give genuine opinions.
  • Proven to build brand awareness! Over 62% of Australian Mums highly value discovering a product they wouldn’t have otherwise via an influencer* – they love hearing about relevant products and services from someone who understands them and speaks their language.
  • Real life Inspiration! Seeing a brands product or service in action* via an influencer is the #1 most valuable takeaway for Mums. They can clearly see how it will fit into their life and help to solve their problems – a sure-fire way to speed up the consideration process.

And as another bonus for brands partnering with Mum Influencers, if you can give your influencers a special offer/promotional code to share with their followers, you’ll see engagement skyrocket!

Here are 3 reasons why brands include Mum Influencers in their marketing mix

  • Mums understand Mums! They know how to best create content for their audience so the #ad for your product or service is as authentic and engaging as possible.
  • It drives Word of Mouth! Mum influencers are highly connected and valued so can accelerate not only word of mouth but conversion.
  • The Variety appeals to more customers! Including a variety of Mum influencers and allowing them creative freedom means not only will you reach and connect with Mums from all walks of life, but you will get more varied content to repurpose and use on socials, eDM’s, website etc – enough to fill a content calendar!

There are thousands of Mum Influencers in Australia that are a part of the Mumpower network.

About our network of Mum Influencers

Our Mum influencer network is incredibly diverse and varied – whether you are looking for aspirational or relatable, from beauty to finance focused, lifestyle or product, we can source the right talent that can shift the dial for you.

Some of our recent collaborations and influencers:

@lifeof_laylamay_zahliarae / 36k IG followers

Remington ONE Pre-Christmas 2023 Campaign

Jaclyn is a Mum influencer showing snippets of family life alongside fitness, beauty, fashion and kid content! Her content is fun, energetic and professional.

@curvycartel / 18k IG followers

Remington ONE Pre-Christmas 2023 Campaign

Melinda is a stylist at heart with family woven through her content. She is bright, bold and brings any product to life!

@jadexskyee / 14k followers

Sleepcorp Thermocool Cooling Pillows Campaign

Jade is an entrepreneur and creative director who beautifully combines her love of travel, fashion, interiors and family. Her content is relatable but with an edgy twist!

So, with the buying power of Mums so influential, and her active engagement with other Mums online, why aren’t you including Mum influencers in your program to boost your brand awareness and reach more customers?

*Mumpower Australian Mums Today Consumer Research Insights Report 2023/2024