April 4, 2024

Mumpower Continues to Strengthen Its Position as a Leader in the Industry with Four New Partnerships.

Mumpower, Australia’s leading marketing agency representing brands that speak to Mums, proudly announces the establishment of four new partnerships with industry leaders: Hippo Blue, Kip McGrath, Enjo and Only Organic. These strategic and long term collaborations further strengthen Mumpower’s unwavering commitment to educate, empower and enable mum-centric businesses to grow faster.

Hippo Blue, recognized for its innovative and personalized children’s products, joins forces with Mumpower to further enhance its reach and engagement among the next generation of customers seeking high-quality, customizable solutions for their little ones. With a shared dedication to creativity and excellence, this long-term partnership promises to deliver compelling and insightful UGC, impactful influencer campaigns and authentic product reviews.

Additionally, Mumpower is thrilled to welcome Kip McGrath into its portfolio. Long renowned for its exceptional tutoring services, Kip McGrath empowers students to unlock their full potential academically. By aligning with Mumpower, Kip McGrath aims to reestablish a connection with Australian mums via an engaging UGC and influencer marketing program, positioning itself as the go-to resource for educational support.

Another long-standing Australian brand, Enjo, has chosen Mumpower to reconnect with today’s buyer. For over 30 years, Enjo has been changing the way people clean their homes, replacing chemicals and disposable products with reusable fibre technology. The long-term partnership will focus on market research, impactful UGC and authentic influencer marketing to re-establish their place as the cleaning brand of choice while better understanding the buying habits of this influential consumer.

Furthermore, Mumpower strengthens its reach across the pond as they become the Australian marketing partner for Only Organic, a pioneering New Zealand brand committed to providing nutritious and delicious organic food options for families. With health and sustainability at the forefront, Only Organic aligns seamlessly with Mumpower’s mission to promote global brands that recognise the buying power of Mums. A market research exploration will establish brand perception in Australia and secure new product direction, and will be supported with a considered influencer campaign and product review program.

“These strategic partnerships mark significant milestones for Mumpower as we continue to lead the way in representing brands that resonate with mums worldwide,” said Christie Nicholas, Mumpower CEO.

“We are delighted to collaborate with Hippo Blue, Kip McGrath, Enjo and Only Organic, that are all well respected, much loved brands. Together, we are poised to support their growth and make a meaning difference to the needs of families and everyday life.”

As the industry landscape evolves, Mumpower remains steadfast in its commitment to championing brands that value the voice of the powerful consumer group of Mums. With a proven track record of success and a deep understanding of the mum market, Mumpower continues to set the standard for excellence in marketing and brand representation.

For media inquiries or further information, please contact: cnicholas@mumpower.com.au


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