Accelerator Sessions

How much more ROI could you deliver, with industry insiders showing you how? This ‘Training For Excellence’ gives you and the team strategic tools to get ahead. Gain our years of experience.

This includes:

“Great knowledge on the topic & the presentation was tailored to our needs. Really stimulated discussion and ideas on how to best interact with influencers. Excellent examples provided”

The Eye Opener

Presentation around the latest white paper report exploring new trends, stats and facts that relate to Mums purchasing habits and what’s currently influencing her to buy. Backed with an interactive, real world workshop. Be across what today’s Mums want and get your brand on the front foot.

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Deep Dive Transformative

Accelerated learning via 4-part masterclasses. Topics are either customised, or from our popular ‘how-to’ series including, How to: Build influencer partnerships, Conduct in-house research, Maximise ROI from consumer shows, Manage successful events. Increase team efficiency and thrive with insider hacks. Get maximum value from current investments and opportunities.

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Fast Growth Accelerator

Customised around KPI’s, this 8-part program is bursting with intense and elite training for excellence masterclasses along with advanced support tools, checklists and templates we’ll work through in unison. Gain years of best-practice experience, foresight and intel in weeks and start implementing your brand success roadmap.

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