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90% of brands we partner with rebook our services. Check out a selection of brand feedback below.

“We’re going to keep coming back because we generate great results and there’s nothing else like it in Australia. Any brand who wants to be successful needs to get on board, or be left behind.”

“THIS IS GOLD. This is ABSOLUTELY GOLD. Different to any other way we’ve been working with influencers!”

“We’ve done baby shows. We’ve done baby fairs. We’ve done EVERYTHING. THIS is the best thing we’ve ever done.”

This research gives us an awakening, of what could be and what should be. You’ve delivered ideas around how we can alter and win more customers. I’m happy!

“You have been the BEST thing for my company’s rapid growth. We generated 10x TIMES the return on investment – in SALES! To produce this much content ourselves would have cost us $100K. This has been a massive boost for us and I can’t think more highly of you.”

“Amazing job & we’re so happy to see the great content come through! It was really successful.”

“You continue to deliver amazing results for us. You know our audience and you have the best relationships with them.”

“The research was the backbone of all the decisions that we’ve made. It’s given us a new lease on life. It’s allowed us to take a mature product, in a mature industry and space and given us an opportunity to refresh and revitalize.

“Thank you for everything you and your team have done for Medela! It’s been a great year. The work you have fostered with our influencers has helped spread positivity with mum consumers. We couldn’t have done the launch event without your help and so grateful for your expertise.”

“93 pieces of coverage in 4 hours! I give you (Mumpower) 10 out of 10. You have an exceptional approach. You’re never pushy, you’re always professional and I can’t fault you guys.”

“We weren’t expecting this much coverage! A lot of influencers said ‘we see the brand in supermarkets but we didn’t know the product benefits’. It’s a unique way to tell our brand story.”

“Mumpower (formerly Kids Business) has its finger on the pulse of the blogging community & convenes a group of forward-thinking, trend-setting women leading the way for mums in Australia.”

“This whole campaign was super easy and professionally managed.”

“Great knowledge on the topic & the presentation was tailored to our needs. Really stimulated discussion and ideas on how to best interact with influencers. Excellent examples provided.”

“This was definitely a time-saving process for us! Really good to meet influencers already vetted, instead of starting from scratch. Great opportunity to get your brand out there. We met with 60 to 70 influencers (with over 3 Million Reach) and now it’s about developing those relationships.”

“Fantastic from start to finish! We secured 45 pieces of content as a result! The team was extremely helpful in exploring opportunities to maximise connections with mums. The calibre of influencers were extremely high and we have been able to initiative, strength and foster relationship with mums as a result.”

“You can’t sell your product to someone without them having tried the product themselves or heard about it from someone they know or trust. This way, within hours we had 11 influencers promote No Added to their followers. This was all organic content.”

“It’s been so valuable and extremely beneficial for our brand because influencers have already been screened. Then they get to meet us face to face to try the product. It’s WIN WIN!”

“Exceeded our expectations! We will be showing these results to our trade partners.”

“Really happy! You did you due-diligence to ensure we hit our targets. “

“It’s full on! You have 3 or four hours of intense exposure to all these influencers who are speaking to thousands of my customers. It’s important that we are here. If you want to be relevant then you need to be here.”

“Unlike anything we have done before! We were inundated and received amazing and authentic online exposure.”

“We couldn’t be happier with the results – I’m just blown away!”

“For us, it’s been an incredibly positive experience, so if you’re on the borderline “will I or won’t I”, I would say “do it!”

“The Bloggers Brunch had a DIRECT impact to our sales!”

“This is the best one (expo) we have worked with – it just felt genuine. It was better return for you to organize this event and for us just to just turn up. We met at least 50 (influencers) All high-quality interactions. You’re talking to a different audience to a consumer baby show. These women are influencing more of those every day users.”

“Wonderful! We’ve been involved in many expos and events and it’s really refreshing to be a part of something so well done.”

“Spinmaster had a phenomenal response! We were blown away.”

“Our goal was to educate and change the way Mums view our brand, and we certainly feel we were given the platform to accomplish that.”

“The research has helped us to reaffirm our direction is the correct one with our improvements to our recipes and R&D. We look forward to continuing our work with you on the next chapter of the Marathon story!”

“This campaign delivered a 50% increase in sales! We have absolutely loved working with Mumpower. Better outcome than what we could have done ourselves!”

“We achieved more brand awareness & online engagement AND we smashed sales targets by an extraordinary 46% as a direct result!”

“We are really impressed and happy. This content created online will serve us all for long time.”

“I’ll absolutely recommend the Bloggers Brunch to other brands – you can’t beat that face to face contact. “

“The Mumpower (formerly Kids Business) team was extremely well organized and everything ran super smoothly.”

“This campaign was a great success and we have been able to leverage the content many times over.”

“One blogger we met had 300,000 FB followers and 18,000 Insta, it was amazing! Cobs Popcorn will recommend the Bloggers Brunch to other brands. It’s been a fantastic day to engage with bloggers and to really educate them.”

“Dynamic! For brands, it’s a great thing. This has been really beneficial in getting our name out there– definitely recommend you to other brands.”

“You’ve got a winning formula and you execute it amazingly well. Thanks again for being so professional with the video and report.”

“I wanted to congratulate you in delivering the tremendous media launch in Melbourne. Of course, Peppa Pig stole the show, but hey – I guess that happens when you are dealing with a television icon and mega star.”

“We’ve found some REAL advocates for our brand!”

“What a success! It was the vision of the Board Members and our CEO to entertain and let everyone know what Playgroup is all about. Without your support this would not have been possible. Partnering with you in such events is vital to the success for Playgroup NSW. You are truly appreciated.”

“Thanks for your help with the Tim Tam event. I found the process and turn around at short notice seamless. We would love to work with you again soon.”

“Fantastic reviews and great relationships with key influential mums! We are really pleased and are overwhelmed with the response.”

“This allowed us to engage with an online community we haven’t engaged with before. We have formed relationships with some great bloggers and have already started to receive fantastic reviews.”

“We are very happy with our involvement. It’s important to let mums know what we’re doing in the market place and how to keep their kids safe. And thanks so much for the comprehensive report, really interesting!”

“This is a great way of getting the message out to customers. Highly recommend.”

“An eye-opening experience! Your brand can take off! Most definitely recommend.”

“Thank you very much for all your hard work. It has made a difference to our brand awareness and SEO. The team was wonderful with constant communication and updates, which made a huge difference. As for the reviews I found them really authentic. We are very happy with the outcomes.”

“Aussie mums are really important to Coles. So what we are trying to do here is really connect with them, to build that relationship with them and really to provide that information that they need from us in a way that is convenient for them.”

“Avon connected with new customers in a way that would have never been possible before.”

“We can’t recommend you enough!”

“We have again taken out the product review award!  Mumpower gave us direct access to the exact customer we need to be speaking with and such a huge number of them, in a short period of time.  This is invaluable. Demand for our product has increased. In terms of the return of investment in pursuit of our program KPIs, outside anything in our owned channels, it proved to be the number 1 channel for us.”

“It was a fantastic opportunity for us to introduce the Mix brand at the Bloggers Brunch. We have started some great relationships which was our key objective – job well done!”

“Eco Store were very impressed with the level preparation and detail and the committment to us having a positive and rewarding experience. Definitely a worthwhile investment.”

“A huge success for Nad’s. The response has been just amazing!!! Within 4 hours we were able to meet and engage with so many delightful bloggers, introduce our product range and demonstrate. Within 24 hours of the event, we experienced a 100% spike in our online conversations and followers.”

“Hosting style workshops gave (influencers) the chance to see this season’s hottest trends. We were very excited to receive some immediate positive feedback online.”

“A genuine and credible introduction to the influential world of Mum bloggers!”

“A fantastic opportunity for Catch. We are coming back next year.”

“Absolutely FANTASTIC content. One of the content pieces is already the top 3 best performing ad for us on Facebook. Very happy with the engagement and metrics. You’ve given us more than we asked and expected. Definitely working with Mumpower again.

“Compared to previous experience with large marketing agencies developing social content for us – you guys win! I felt like we were in safe hands. You had a really clear plan.”

This is one of the best campaigns we’ve done. The campaign delivered above our expectations. Absolutely thrilled. It definitely had a positive impact and significant engagement!”

2 out of 4 sku’s SOLD OUT COMPLETELY! We are really happy with how this campaign went. The influencers were a great fit and their content was extraordinary. We can’t wait to show retailers this.”

“We are extremely happy with the quality of the reviews – very considered and detailed, not just star ratings. “Great to see all reviews are now live on Amazon. We have seen amazing results and growth.”

Harvey Norman will be ranging the product into 40 stores and this research was absolutely helpful in this process. The doors are open now. Four months on we are still presenting this market research insights in retailer presentations

Using Mumpower we were able to be more bold about getting  insights more than what we previously were able to ourselves and to really understand our place in the market better.  ​​We rivalled a covid year. It’s extraordinary!

“The highlight of the day is the range of women we’re meeting. They’re all from completely different backgrounds. All these women want to talk. They want to communicate. They want to collaborate and – they want to learn something.  I just love it.

“Mumpower did an amazing job! In terms of our insights, within the first 10 days we’ve ORGANICALLY had over 54 infeed posts, 65 stories, 100,000 in reach, 5500 engagements and 38,000 impressions which is equal to $18,000 media value. I’ve got locked in another 46 collaborations.”

“WOW!! In my 20+ year career I’ve never been part of anything like the Bloggers Brunch – so much energy, great feedback and engagement levels were off the chart. Thanks again for all the guidance and the follow up to ensure we maximised the event – these were extremely helpful.”

“In such a short period of time, what Mumpower has done has repositioned and refocused us, specifically in social. Now we’ve got gold in our hands. The rebuild of our presence in market has been faster than even I was expecting. I’m very proud of what we have delivered here together.”

“This is why I came to you because this is time-consuming and hard, so from a practical perspective in terms of womanpower, that meant all of this could happen because of your availability and your skills. You’re very good at what you do. The results speak for themselves.”

“It’s very obvious that you’ve done this many times and you’ve done this well many times. We are the beneficiaries of that experience and that knowledge. For my first dip into shopper trials and product reviews, the Mumpower team have helped us here at CleanLIFE achieve incredible results in brand awareness and engagement already. A fabulous partnership so far!”

“Mumpower provided the right stage gates for us, kept us on track, and delivered a great selection the right influencers for us to choose from. FOR SURE we’ll work with Mumpower again. You definitely met expectations and were a great partner to have!”

“The product we included in the goodie bag had a massive spike in sales in May. I can only attribute it to the 50-plus influencers who promoted it on social media. It was amazing. And the brand awareness definitely increased (from 134 pieces of content published). What you did was flawless.”