Project Description

Case Study:
Russell Hobbs

Campaign Activation: Accelerate and Explode

Ready to cement your brand positioning as the market authority? See how this historic brand fast-tracked advocacy and utmost relevance with the next generation of consumers via our Accelerate and Explode Influencer Marketing representation. They are powering their brand forward in amazing ways.

The problem:

Russell Hobbs, an established appliance brand has been providing product for households for over 75 years. However, even though the brand excelled in delivering an expansive range of marketing and advertising initiatives, it lacked the extensive connections and dedicated time to foster relationships with micro-influencers – at scale and consistently. With the role of micro-influencers crucial in building awareness and fuelling brand advocacy, Russell Hobbs needed to invest in smart ways to foster grassroots recommendations en masse and keep the brand at the centre of conversations.

Action Plan

Russell Hobbs chose Mumpower to:

  • Focus on amplifying mum-to-mum brand advocacy across key ranging and seasons
  • Selecting, validating and managing partnerships with best fit, genuinely aligned micro-influencers.
  • So Influencers can boost the quality and quantity of compelling and informative, user generated content and all content will be leveraged for multiple uses to boost ROI.
  • Along the journey, influencers who demonstrate heightened connectedness with brand will be nurtured by Mumpower as long term advocates.


Within the first 2 months, Russell Hobbs benefited with 16 quality partnerships with micro influencers who delivered: 96 individual piece of engaging content including: Posted UGC, website reviews and exclusively imagery to educate and inspire potential customers.

In total, Russell Hobbs brand advocacy has grown via:

  • 16 Powerful partnerships with Mums who talk to hundreds of thousands
  • 12 months worth of user generated content ready for brand repurposing
  • Social proof of mum to mum endorsements
  • Dozens of testimonials and product reviews
  • To produce this much content themselves would cost over $100,000


Learn More

As with all brand partners, Mumpower conducts an Hero Brand Advocacy assessment with influencers, equipped to influence others, to evaluate the impact of the collaboration. Results demonstrate:

  • Increased brand awareness: Only 50% of influencers had heard of the product before. The collab armed a further 50% of influencers, with more information about Russell Hobbs.
  • More brand trust: Before collaborating only 25% of influencers thought the brand was ‘Simply Brilliant. Love it. Trust it. Now, this partnership has increased brand appeal with a further 75% feeling this way
  • Greater likelihood to buy: Before collaborating, only 25% were planning to buy this brand in near future. Now, 75% of influencers are empowered to buy from Russell Hobbs

What Russell Hobbs said:

“Absolutely thrilled. It went fantastically and it definitely had a positive impact”

I was checking it (content) every day, I looked forward to the surprise of what influencers were going to post next. To be honest, I also was looking at making sure the content was on brand and the wording was good, and there was not one issue”

“I didn’t expect to get as much engagement out of it as we did. The campaign delivered above our expectations – significant engagement.”