Project Description

Case Study:

Campaign Activation: Rev up Reviews

Ready to supercharge your brand awareness and attract raving fans? See how this relatively new brand fast-tracked Mum to Mum brand advocacy and elevated it’s position of authority within weeks via our Rev Up Reviews Action plan. This is how they became a brand force with influence.  The results were so powerful, the project was replicated for a 2nd time with equal success!

The problem:

Our client Nutura (Baby category, fmcg) was facing a common challenge. They were launching a new brand in a competitive space, toddler milk, that that demanded significant consumer brand trust for it to be successful. Nutura needed to fast track credibility and amplify mum to mum recommendations through published online reviews, in order to educate and empower Mums to make informed buying decision. Nutura needed this done organically and at speed.

For this brand, like many others similar:

  • The number 1 source for online reviews Mums actively visit for information before making a purchase is and the brand had zero presence on this platform
  • The brand needed to stand out fast, next to an abundance of reviews for competitive and established brands
  • The brand did not want to incentivise Mums to leave reviews, as they wanted Mums to personally choose to leave organic, quality reviews

We view as the authority of all the different review platforms. That’s what a lot of parents go before they buy. We thought it would be really good to get honest real world reviews from parents who are using the product it.

But because we’re so new, we didn’t have a great deal of that network available to us. We needed to get to the people that used formula but we just didn’t have access to that, to do it ourselves.” Nutura Spokesperson

Action Plan

Mumpower implemented the “Rev-Up Reviews” Word of Mouth campaign to empower real consumers to submit organic reviews on Australia’s number 1 review site,

We recommended the brand:

  • Focus on building awareness of the product via our network of 20,000 Mum Shoppers and gain key market intel into brand and product preferences
  • Create a new, leveraged sampling experience for selected team of Mums in the exact market
  • Embark on an online 5 week trial journey with the Mums to foster brand connectedness
  • Craft a dialogue that organically empowered Mums to opt-in to submit reviews

We were running another review initiative in a similar space and time to Mumpower. I can definitely say your process was the easiest. With one of the other one we weren’t involved with any of it. We had no visibility with what was going on.

But I like to be able to track things as they go and see how things are performing and that for me is what made your process so much better.

Yours (Mumpower) was so much more inclusive in allowing us to be part of it. I much prefer to be able to see how things are going and being involved in that process along the way. It was much more personable.” Nutura Spokesperson


As a result of the Rev Up Reviews campaign, the brand was awarded No. 1 By Australian Parents by ProductReview – 2 years in a row!:

Other results include:

1. Fast Word of Mouth: Within weeks, 100 un-incentivised quality, organic reviews were submitted to

“The quality of reviews has been great and it nice to get constructive feedback for the Innovation team to consider. I certainly notice when Mumpower sent alert, I get a flood of emails from Mums advising of their posted reviews.” Nutura Spokesperson

2. Brand credibility: The brand achieved a rating of 4.5 stars and – is now formally recognised as the third best baby formula brand in Australia. Beating the likes of well-established brands including Blackmores, Aptamil and Bellamy’s that have had a profile for years!

“Because of the reviews the demand for our product has increased. So those reviews, is definitely helping get the awareness out there.” Nutura Spokesperson

3. Faster sales: product review listings is the 1st organic listing on google and has delivered an extra edge with retail presentations.

“In google results, product reviews always comes up now as one of the top results and that’s always going to be there. As people go through that process of looking for a formula, it is directly going to result in an increase in dollars for us.” Nutura Spokesperson

“In terms of the return of investment in pursuit of our program KPIs, outside anything in our owned channels, it proved to be the number 1 channel for us.

We have obviously told our retailers that we have been running this program and that there are a lot of positive reviews about the product. This will form part of our retail pitches for next year.” Nutura Spokesperson

For added value, as with all brand partners, Mumpower delivered additional, powerful market intel. Mumpower uncovered for the brand:

  1. Existing brand awareness
  2. Current brand preferences
  3. Established product usage habits and preferences
  4. This debunked assumptions and delivered market clarity to leverage marketing efforts

“The insights told us who our direct competitors are, the range and the depth of what other brands people are and it’s good to know this. And how much they’ve heard about us” Nutura Spokesperson

In summary: Product Review Options

Brands choose Mumpower to deliver the following different types of product review programs from verified reviewers:

  • Google Reviews
  • Blog Reviews
  • Facebook Reviews
  • Retailer/Brand website Reviews
  • Mum Influencer Reviews
  • Video and Written Reviews  (supplied to brand for promo use on social media including TikTok/Insta/Facebook/YouTube, website, edm’s, selected promotional outlets)

Mumpower delivers reviews on the most influential sources where Mums go to find them.

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What Nutura said:

“Mumpower gave us direct access to the exact customer we needed to be speaking with – and such a huge number of them, in such a short period of time. This is invaluable to us.

Now because of the reviews, demand for our product has increased!

If any brands are considering partnering with Mumpower I would say ‘don’t sit on the fence’. For us it’s been so crucial. This campaign was easy to manage and went really, really smooth for us. We are very happy.

Definitely working with Mumpower again