Influencer Events

Our Influencer Marketing Events are a proven way to unite offline audiences with online creators. Fast track brand awareness and brand advocacy so more mums know, love and trust your brand. Through product activations and live education experiences, you are best placed to influence and empower the gatekeepers with direct access to millions of Australian mums.

This includes:

“The Bloggers Brunch had a DIRECT impact to our sales!”

Bloggers Brunch.

Launch with Impact and create highly leveraged relationships via personal direct access to up to 80 Influencers with collectively 2 Million reach at Australia’s Premier Influencer Marketing Event. Whether you have a new brand, or an existing one with a new campaign, this is the fastest proven way to access more Mums.

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Themed Experiences. 

Looking for a laser-targeted access to creators obsessed with your category? Our proven Bloggers Brunch concept has now expanded to limited-edition themed events. Share the stage with a curated group of complimentary brands for a targeted event experience that unites specific influencers with a theme or category that directly relates to your space. Think Baby Essentials, Food Fiestas, Home Haven (and more in store!)

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Bespoke Events.

Do you want to host a bespoke event for local influencers, TikTok creators and social fans of your brand to celebrate your products, create buzz and convert that into powerful mum to mum advocacy critical to a brand success? Learn more about how brands like Medela benefit with a curated influencer marketing event. Our long term experience in this space means our events are 100% proven to dazzle your audience and leave a high impact impression.

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