User Generated Content (UGC)

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Brands often come to us for user generated content (UGC) from influencers or everyday shoppers who share a combination of relatable and honest content about their experience with the product. It can be in the form of photo’s/imagery, videos, written articles and more and cover everything from ‘how-to’s’, reviews, unboxing, answering faq’s and simply showcasing the product in use. This authentic and more trusted customer experience maximises your market appeal to potential shoppers.

UGC can go beyond content that is shared and repurposed on social media – it can enhance the appeal of your website, optimise SEO, boost your testimonials, and ultimately be used to grow your audience with content that both informs and inspires your community about the value of your product.

This includes:

“You have been the BEST thing for my company’s rapid growth. We generated 10x TIMES the return on investment – in SALES! To produce this much content ourselves would have cost us $100K. This has been a massive boost for us and I can’t think more highly of you”

Influencer UGC.

Curated specifically for your brand, these aspirational videos, elevated photography and genuine written endorsements from a trusted pool of content creators are for you to repurpose at scale and generate boosted credibility.

Here’s an example of UGC that brands like yours benefit from:

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Most popular Influencer UGC packages include:

  • 1 additional content piece created as part of existing Influencer Marketing package, shared direct to brand to use exclusively
  • Choose between video content (relatable reel or review) OR striking lifestyle imagery
  • Boost ROI with content usage rights included

Mum Shopper UGC.

Raw, unedited and highly relatable content from everyday consumers who have experienced your product. This is largely in the form of videos, social content shared to personal accounts, and also written content. Fill your content calendar with compelling user experiences to help consumers make informed decisions fast.

Here’s an example of UGC that brands like yours benefit from.

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Most popular Mum Shopper UGC packages include:

  • 20+ best fit creators selected and briefed
  • 20 UGC videos created and shared direct to brand
  • Up to 1 minute raw, unfiltered and unedited
  • Boost ROI with content usage rights included

Accelerate and Explode.

Be sales ready with intense momentum and market noise that moves people to buy. This long term plan delivers a powerful combination of (UGC) User Generated Content produced by both Influencers and everyday Mums, alongside our most popular and proven blue chip offerings including: Influencer Marketing Campaigns, Influencer Marketing Events, Market Research and Revved up Reviews, for a Growth Action Plan that leaves no stone unturned. Be the brand force with maximum influence.

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