We involve Mums in shaping tomorrow’s brands.

How amazing is it when you come across a fabulous brand that ‘gets’ you? From meal ideas, baby essentials, home hacks, beauty finds, financial services and more, its products truly WOW you. If only there were more brands like seeing you, speaking with you, creating for you!

That’s where Mumpower comes in. We represent brands that value their customer -you!- and want Mums involved in the brand building process, in return for payment and product.

If you want a voice in how brands shape and create products, apply below.

We collaborate with Mums in two ways:

Mum Online Influencers

Want to build relationships with brands your audience will love? Whether you’re Insta-famous, a You-tuber, blogger or have Facebook or TikTok fan base, we’d love you to join our influencer tribe. Be first in line for access to collabs and invitations to events including our famous Bloggers Brunch™. We don’t charge a commissions, or take a cut. We’re simply the perfect match-maker.

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Mum Research & Product Review Panel

Want to receive free product to trial and review (and possibly get paid for your feedback)? Join up for free to access free product samples and be invited to participate in online questionnaires or  in-person Q & A sessions to share your thoughts around products and brands you use. It’s all totally optional and you can love us and leave us at anytime.

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Bloggers Brunch™

Be part of our fabulous, influential tribe of Mums and Influencers gaining instant and direct access to leading brands. Here’s why you need to be on the door list for Australia’s Premier Influencer Marketing Event:

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