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Market Research

Are you developing your business and marketing strategy based on assumptions? Our exclusive, and current data insights uncover real opportunity so you can drive growth by knowing the facts.

This includes:

“The research was the backbone of all the decisions that we’ve made. It’s given us a new lease on life. It’s allowed us to take a mature product, in a mature industry and space and given us an opportunity to refresh and revitalize.”

Why brands choose Mumpower for Market Research solutions:

  1. Flexible packages: Entry level through to advanced research insights – Versatile, suitable for all budgets without compromising on sample size (Guaranteed minimum 350 up to 2000 respondents).
  2. Reflective of the Australian population: The Mumpower database of Mum Shoppers is a 98% accurate representation of the ABS distribution of the Australian population.
  3. Mum marketing experts: gain unique perspective into the lens of this powerful consumer group.
  4. Uniquely layered insights: All brand partners receive our annual exclusive insights ‘Australian Mums Today’ to compliment specific brand survey results.
  5. Exposure to more than 20,000 mums: We will promote your brand to our Mum shopper network, share exclusive brand offers to all research participants and give you permission to repurpose brand endorsements and relevant content for promotional purposes.

Knowledge for Profit.

Looking for clarity around Mums and her buying behaviour? On demand Team Masterclasses and vital industry market research reports explore current trends, stats and facts about Mums’ current purchasing habits and what’s influencing her most. Be across what today’s Mums want to make business and marketing decisions with certainty.

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Scale Sales.

Important retailer meeting coming up you need to pitch for? Unsure if your NPD has legs? This entry-level research assignment is crafted to speed up and scale your sell-in by giving you and key stakeholders evidence of market demand for your product. A winning program that opens the door to sales and validates the most profitable opportunities for growth, fast.

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Most popular Market Research package includes:

  • Quantitative market research
  • 19 targeted questions
  • Minimum 350 respondents
  • Comprehensive reporting
  • Plus, as added value, each Market Research campaign includes:
    • Free access to the latest ‘Australian Mums Today’ 53 page consumer insights report, valued at $1,997
    • Brand Publicity via Mumpower network (with In-feed post on Mumpower Instagram & Facebook, feature on Mastering the Mum Market Podcast, solus EDM to Mum shopper database)

Brand Growth Stimulator.

A comprehensive quantitative and/or qualitative analysis identifying usage and attitudes for your brand. Walk away with a competitive landscape review, opportunity evaluation, Net Promoter Score, NPD review, success checklist and growth action plan. Unlock sales opportunities, debunk assumptions and gain certainty why Aussie Mums are or are not buying your product.

Find out how Springfree Trampolines used our research insights to jumpstart sales.

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Why is personalized market research so important?2024-03-25T05:34:22+00:00

Brands often make costly decisions based on assumptions about their customer, or what worked a year ago. Buying behavior is constantly shifting – whether it is coming out of a pandemic or facing economic challenges – so it is crucial to realign with today’s consumers. We help our clients uncover Mums’ buying journey and brand perception to confirm what would be the fastest and smartest way to drive sales, stay ahead of their competitors and truly understand their customers.

Check out how market research propelled Springfree trampolines success.

How is Mumpower market research different to a market research agency?2024-03-25T05:39:45+00:00

Unlike generic market research agencies, we only concentrate on Mum-shopper behaviour so we have insights and trends that are transferable across industries. Plus, other agencies don’t have their own vast network of Mums that are ready to go – we do!

How do you conduct your research?2024-03-25T05:45:05+00:00

We offer a range of market research solutions including quantitative (ie. online surveys) and qualitative research (ie. focus groups). Reach out to find out what solution is best for your brand.

How do you select Mums to participate in our market research?2024-03-25T05:46:40+00:00

From our network of over 20,000 mums, we select a targeted group based on the best fit for your campaign.

Do you have a rate card?2024-03-25T05:48:35+00:00

As every brand has varying goals, we develop custom solutions that will deliver the best ROI and ensure you get the results you expect. We’d love to chat through your needs – contact us directly or book a 15 minute discovery call.