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Product Reviews

Product reviews will make or break your next sale because Mums simply won’t buy a new product/brand without consuming numerous reviews, from numerous sources from other Mums just like her. But how do you find raving fans of your products, and empower them to share genuine reviews where they will be seen most? Our proven Rev-Up Review system delivers product reviews at scale, activated either via Influencer partnerships or our Mumpower trial team, made up of everyday Mum Shoppers. Ensure more mums know, like and trust your product.

This includes:

“Mumpower gave us direct access to our exact customer. Now because of the reviews, sales demand has increased”

Why brands choose Mumpower for Product Review solutions:

  1. Flexible packages for every budget: Receive between 20-200 written or video reviews shared on your choice of platform(s). Number of reviews guaranteed.
  2. Content usage rights to boost ROI: We secure permission for you to repurpose brand endorsements and relevant content (words, images, videos) for your promotional purposes.
  3. Pre-screened, genuine advocates that speak to your customer: Members of our Mum shopper review panel are hand-picked to fit your target demographic.
  4. Compelling, quality reviews that impact sales: Our expertise marketing to Mums and proven systems deliver authentic, thoughtful and detailed reviews and content – beyond a simple star rating.
  5. Bonus exposure to more than 20,000+ mums for more visibility: We promote your brand to our engaged Mum shopper network and share exclusive brand offers.

Rev-Up Written Reviews.

Critical to sales conversion and building an online presence, written reviews submitted to key websites amplify consumer confidence, enhance SEO rankings and improve brand credibility and trust. Our recent research Australian Mum’s Today’ found that online reviews have the biggest impact influencing consumers’ purchase decision. Whether you need written reviews to appear on Google,,, social media, or retailer websites, our proven system delivers genuine reviews fast.

From zero to hero; Discover how reviews elevated this new brand become the number 1 brand overnight!

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Most popular Written Review package includes:

  • 100+ aligned Mum Shoppers selected and briefed
  • 2 products tried and tested
  • 100 authentic written reviews shared on brand platform of choice
  • 20 organic social posts
  • Guaranteed results

Rev-Up Video Reviews.

Video reviews showcase your product in action, capture real, emotive responses and genuine feedback so consumers make an informed buying decision faster. But coordinating an influx of compelling and ready-to-use, video reviews from real Mums takes time to coordinate easily and systematically – we get it. That’s why brands come to us for access to our network of everyday consumers ready to experience your product and supply raw, relatable footage for you to repurpose on socials including TikTok. And for access to passionate best-fit content creators who share and/or supply curated video reviews that build extra credibility and mum to mum word of mouth for your brand. All done for you.

Find out how ABC Reading Eggs turned raw footage from a Mumshopper trial team into months of Facebook and TikTok content: 

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Most popular Video Review package includes:

  • 40-50 aligned Mum Shoppers selected and briefed
  • 1 product or service tried and tested
  • 40 x UGC videos created & shared direct to brand
  • 15 organic social posts
  • Guaranteed results

Accelerate and Explode.

Be sales ready with intense momentum and market noise that moves people to buy. This long term plan delivers a powerful combination of our written reviews, video reviews, along with our most popular and proven blue chip offerings including: Influencer Marketing Campaigns, Influencer Marketing Events, Market Research and User Generated Content for a Growth Action Plan that leaves no stone unturned. Be the brand force with maximum influence.

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Why are product reviews important?2024-03-25T05:29:55+00:00

In our current economy, Mums are less trusting of brands and are instead turning to other Mums for honest reviews. Based on our Australian Mums Today study, 86% of Mums have bought something largely because of reviews and 94% of Mums have admitted that a negative review has turned them off buying something that they wanted. Mums do their research, and if your brand isn’t appearing in her search, you will get left behind.

I have minimal/poor reviews, how easy is this to turn around?2024-03-26T00:39:05+00:00

Let the results speak for themselves – our recent review campaign with Stuck On You obtained 200+ new, honest, varied reviews (published on Australia’s number most trusted review portal) and achieved a 300% increase in 4- and 5-star reviews! Book in a 15 minute chat to find out how we can tailor a custom review program for you.