October 20, 2022

“Australian Mums Today” is a new market research study about Australian Mothers after a tumultuous few years. 


Australian Mums Today is a comprehensive research study commissioned by Mumpower to see where Australian Mothers are at after a tumultuous couple of years.

The study conducted from October 5-16, 2022 amongst 515 Australian Mums, largely Gen X and Millennial Mums, is extensive and provides insights for marketers, advertisers and brand custodians who specifically speak to this market. The market research exploration covers insights across a vast array of topics including:

  • Where Mums intend to cut back spending in the next 6 months identifying those industry categories most likely to be impacted by the current economic challenges facing many families and those categories best placed to weather the storm.
  • Mums Brand Loyalty – provides insight into brand loyalty behaviour and key drivers of brand switching.
  • Sustainability – explores the influence of sustainability on purchase behaviour, how this differs between Gen X Mums and Millennial Mums and what “sustainability” means to Mums (it’s not just environmentally friendly)
  • Social Media habits – market snapshot of, the preferred social media platforms as well as the generational differences and growth opportunities for brands
  • Influencer Marketing trends – review the role Influencer Marketing has on Mums sales journey, evaluation of exactly how popular influencers are with consumers and all the specific ways influencer marketing helps and hinders a sale.
  • Sources of influence on Mums Purchase Journey – identifies and weights the role and importance of all the different sources influencing Mums throughout her entire buying journey. From different forms of advertising, to word of mouth, experiential, social, influencer marketing and more. Sources of influence that have the greatest impact in raising brand awarness versus the sources of influence that have the greatest impact on making a final purchase are reviewed. Clear guide for brands to ensure they are part of the purchase journey.
  • Product Reviews – investigation into exactly where Mums go to discover reviews, what she is looking for in the review information, as well as the most comprehensive evaluation and top 20 list of the most preferred product review destinations by product type,  for brands to focus most efforts in supporting.
  • Back to School – explores how Mums plan and purchase for their children’s Back to School needs, as well as identifying preferred retailers for these.
  • Mums Life Today – explores Mums current frustrations, stressors, emotional wellbeing as well as identifying their current priorities and value system in life.
  • Marketing to Mum No No’s – Highlights the mistakes brands are making in their marketing and communication to today’s Mums, what not to do!

In summary

“Australian Mums Today” market research findings are a must to be across for any brand marketer who wants insight of how to most effectively communicate with today’s Mums in order to drive relationships and revenue for their brand amongst this lucrative consumer segment.

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