April 24, 2024

In the ever-evolving landscape of digital marketing, influencer marketing remains a dynamic force driving brand engagement and consumer trust. As we step through 2024, brands are eager to explore the latest trends shaping the influencer marketing scene and leverage them to stay ahead of the competition. Here, we delve into the emerging trends shaping the future of influencer marketing and how brands can leverage them to stay ahead of the curve.

The Rise of Micro-Influencers

Micro-influencers, with their niche focus and highly engaged audiences, are continuing to dominate the influencer marketing scene in 2024. These influencers, typically with follower counts ranging from 7,000 to 100,000, offer a more authentic and relatable voice to their followers. Brands are increasingly turning to micro-influencers to tap into specific demographics and communities, fostering deeper connections and driving higher conversion rates.

How Mumpower can help: Over the last 15 years we have curated a network of mum influencers that over time have developed their own unique style and following. We work with nano, micro and macro level creators with a range of niche content focusing on parenting, food, fashion, beauty, toys and more. Our goal is to select influencers who are the best fit for your campaign goals.

Leveraging TikTok for Influencer Campaigns

TikTok, the social media sensation of recent years, continues to gain momentum as a powerful platform for influencer marketing. With its short-form video format and rapidly growing user base, TikTok offers unparalleled opportunities for brands to connect with Gen Z and millennial audiences. In 2024, we expect to see a surge in influencer campaigns on TikTok, with brands exploring creative ways to engage users and drive brand awareness.

How Mumpower can help: We recognise the potential of TikTok in driving brand awareness and engagement. From viral challenges to engaging content collaborations we utilise our extensive Mum shopper and influencer database to create compelling authentic UGC resonating perfectly for the TikTok audience.

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Authenticity Takes Centre Stage

In an era of digital saturation, authenticity is paramount in influencer marketing. Campaigns that feel genuine and sincere are more likely to resonate with audiences and drive meaningful results. In 2024, we are seeing more brands collaborate with influencers who align with their values and ethos, key in building trust and credibility with consumers in an increasingly discerning market.

How Mumpower can help: Having nurtured our relationships with influencers since 2009, we have an established loyal network to reach out to for every campaign. We know the best-fit creators are those that feel passionately about your brand and product, that produce great content and are genuine and enthusiastic ambassadors. We shortlist your best matches, provide our recommendations, then it’s up to you to make the final call.

Embracing Diversity and Inclusivity

Diversity and inclusivity are no longer just buzzwords; they are imperatives for brands looking to connect with today’s diverse consumer base. In 2024, we are seeing a greater emphasis on diversity in influencer marketing, with brands seeking out influencers from a wide range of backgrounds, ethnicities, and identities.

How Mumpower can help: By embracing diversity, our clients can ensure that their message resonates with a variety of mum avatars, fostering a sense of belonging and inclusivity both with the creators themselves and their highly engaged audience.

Data-Driven Decision Making

Influencer marketing is becoming increasingly data-driven, with a great emphasis on leveraging analytics and insights to inform brand campaigns. By harnessing the power of data, brands can refine their strategies, optimize their campaigns, and drive better results.

How Mumpower can help: We consistently invest in sophisticated tools and technologies to measure the impact and ROI of our client campaigns. From engagement metrics, conversion tracking and brand sentiment analysis, we incorporate best practice methods to effectively evaluate campaign success and optimise future efforts.

As influencer marketing continues to evolve and adapt to the changing needs of brands and consumers in 2024, Mumpower’s specialised influencer marketing services embrace emerging trends. From micro-influencers to TikTok campaigns, authenticity to diversity and data-driven insights, Mumpower guide brands to drive meaningful engagement with their target audience.