April 17, 2024

In Melbourne, where innovation meets creativity, Mumpower stands as a pioneer in the realm of influencer events. With a legacy spanning well over a decade, Mumpower has redefined the landscape of brand engagement, orchestrating unforgettable experiences that resonate with audiences and drive remarkable results for brands that speak to mums.

Crafting Experiences That
Make an Impact

At Mumpower, we believe in the power of connection – the ability to forge meaningful relationships between brands and the powerful consumer group – mums. Our approach to influencer event management, alongside everything we do, is rooted in creativity, innovation, and a deep understanding of consumer behaviour. Whether it’s a product launch, brand activation, or campaign promotion, we craft experiences that leave a lasting impression and drive tangible results for our clients.

Introducing the Bloggers Brunch: A Unique Approach to Influencer Engagement

One of our flagship events, the Bloggers Brunch, exemplifies our unique approach to influencer engagement. Designed as a platform for brands to connect with influential creators in an intimate setting, the Bloggers Brunch offers a rare opportunity for direct access to some of Australia’s most prominent content creators.

Why Brands Choose The Bloggers Brunch

Grassroots Marketing Solution:The event serves as a grassroots marketing solution, helping brands build brand equity and amplify campaign messages quickly and effectively.

Product Trialling Opportunities: The opportunity to trial products in person is invaluable for brands, as it allows them to demonstrate the effectiveness of their products firsthand, heightening advocacy and driving sales.

Pre-screened Influencer Relationships: Mumpower takes the hassle out of identifying and starting relationships with influencers by pre-screening and curating a list of well-aligned, informed influencers and content creators.

Enhanced Online Reviews: Brands understand the importance of online reviews and recognise that reviews produced by advocates who truly know, like, and trust the brand are far more powerful. The Bloggers Brunch facilitates these relationships, leading to authentic and impactful reviews.

Cost-Effective Solution: Hosting an influencer event of this magnitude requires time, resources, and budget – factors that not all brands can afford. The Bloggers Brunch offers a cost-effective solution, allowing brands to access influencers and engage with their audience without breaking the bank.

The Unique Benefits of The Bloggers Brunch

Top-Quality Influencer Referrals: With over 80 guests boasting a collective following of more than 2 million, the Bloggers Brunch offers unparalleled reach and exposure for brands.

Pre-Qualified Campaign Interest: Brands can rest assured that they will receive pre-qualified campaign interest from influencers ready to collaborate and promote their products.

Onsite 1-on-1 Meetings: The event provides opportunities for brands to engage in one-on-one meetings with high-profile promotional partners, fostering deeper relationships and driving campaign success.

Live Social Coverage: With live social coverage during and after the event, brands benefit from increased visibility and engagement across social media platforms.

Pre-Event Training: Brands receive pre-event training to maximize and leverage their success, ensuring they make the most of their participation in The Bloggers Brunch.

Driving Results and Building Relationships

The results speak for themselves – in just three hours, brands can build brand awareness and establish powerful relationships with key promotional partners. On average, brands secure campaigns with 20-30 influencers, delivering multiple pieces of content valued at over $47,000. With a rebooking rate of 90%, the Bloggers Brunch has become a staple for brands looking to make an impact in the influencer marketing space.

Testimonials from Brands

“The amount of content that came out on the organic front is unreal, UNREAL! People are still posting about it 3 weeks later. Some of the things influencers have been posting about CleanLIFE has been absolute gold. I can’t wait to start using their content.” CleanLIFE

“We had such great interactions and so much interest. There are some really great influencers that we would love to work with. Way too many people obviously, so we will have to select from there.” Remington

“THIS IS GOLD. This is ABSOLUTELY GOLD. Different to any other way we’ve been working with influencers!” VTECH

Partner with Mumpower for Unforgettable Influencer Experiences

In Melbourne, Mumpower stands out as the leading influencer event management company, driving results and building relationships that last. With events like the Bloggers Brunch, we continue to push the boundaries of what’s possible, creating experiences that resonate with audiences and drive tangible results for our clients. Partner with Mumpower and experience the difference firsthand. Contact us here to find out more.

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