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Influencer Marketing

Do you need super-fast brand momentum and a massive publicity fix? These Fast and Impactful Influencer Marketing results are done for you. Whether you are looking to collaborate with micro or nano mum influencers, TikTok and other content creators, traditional bloggers, across every medium – we’ve got you covered. Be seen. Be heard. Be bought.

This includes:

“As a direct result of this campaign we smashed our sales targets by 46%”

Influencer Marketing EasyStart.

Set your campaign up for success. If you know how to work with influencers, but your challenge is identifying the best fit voices ready to promote your brand, our EasyStart programme is for you. Get off to a flying start with:

  • Dedicated team training on State of Mum Influencer marketing
  • Mass exposure to Australian Mum Influencers, attraction and validation of a curated list of 8-10 influencers
  • Personalised introductions
  • Brief template and campaign success checklist

Save time and generate quality results faster than you can on your own.

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Influence with Impact Campaign.

Brands serious about igniting brand growth choose Mumpower for high impact Influencer Marketing campaigns. A systemised and high impact short or long term Influencer Marketing project will scale awareness to supercharge brand momentum. We nurture Australia’s largest network of Mum Influencers and content creators to ensure you always have the most well aligned, validated and genuine advocates driving your campaign goals, all managed for you. This is your foundation to future success.

Looking for a Influencer Marketing Boost for a one-off campaign or product launch? Here is an example of results you can achieve.

Or is it time to play a bigger game with Long-Term Representation? Here is what happens when you work with Mumpower.

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Most popular Influencer Marketing packages include:

  • 20 formal collaborations secured with best fit voices
  • Each influencer to produce and share 2pc content to social feed (40+pc produced in total)
  • Each influencer to submit written review per product received to nominated review platform
  • Includes sponsored payments
  • Includes contracts, live performance metrics and full campaign reporting

Accelerate and Explode.

Be sales ready with intense momentum and market noise that moves people to buy. This long term plan delivers a powerful combination of our Influencer Marketing Campaigns along with our most popular and proven blue chip offerings including: Influencer Marketing Events, Market Research, Revved Up Reviews, and User Generated Content for a Growth Action Plan that leaves no stone unturned. Be the brand force with maximum influence.

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Why would I go to Mumpower and not a talent agency, AI creator matching and/or influencers directly?2024-03-25T05:03:38+00:00

Although we know influencer marketing is highly effective, many brands express their frustration with not seeing results. From finding best-fit influencers to negotiating contracts to creating briefs to approving content – working with an influencer directly can be overwhelming, time-consuming and confusing.

Having established relationships with influencers since 2009, our strength lies in best practices and proven systems. We have a deep connection to the powerful Mum-market and a niche offering, providing end-to-end campaign management (done for you). We don’t just provide influencer marketing services – our holistic approach includes market research, product reviews, influencer events, and UGC.

Find out how mum-influencer marketing continues to change the game for Russell Hobbs here.

How is your Mum-influencer marketing different to influencer marketing in general?2024-03-25T05:04:20+00:00

Mumpower is the only data driven company that focuses on Mums buying journey to understand exactly what, how and why Mums buy at any point. Influencer marketing continues to play a pivotal role in driving brand awareness and trust – our research shows more than 83% of Australian Mums turn to social media when gathering information about a product, and 8/10 Mums discover a product for the first time via an influencer. We have exclusive insights into the influencer content that will resonate with Mums most, to ensure you are hitting the mark with this influential buying group.

What kind of influencers do you work with?2024-03-25T05:04:41+00:00

Over the last 15 years we have curated a network mum influencers that over time have developed their own unique style and following. We work with nano, micro and macro level creators with a range of niche content focusing on parenting, food, fashion, beauty, toys and more. Our goal is to select influencers who are the best fit for your campaign goals.

How do you select influencers for my campaign?2024-03-25T05:05:09+00:00

Having nurtured our relationships with influencers since 2009, we have an established loyal network to reach out to for every campaign. We know the best-fit creators are those that feel passionately about your brand and product, that produce great content and are genuine and enthusiastic ambassadors. We shortlist your best matches, provide our recommendations, then it’s up to you to make the final call.