Influencer Marketing Success

Do you need super-fast brand momentum, authentic product reviews and a massive publicity fix? These Fast and Impactful Influencer Marketing results are done for you. Be seen. Be heard. Be bought.

This includes:

“You have been the BEST thing for my company’s rapid growth. We generated 10x TIMES the return on investment – in SALES! To produce this much content ourselves would have cost us $100K. This has been a massive boost for us and I can think more highly of you”

Launch with Impact: Bloggers Brunch™

Create highly leveraged relationships via personal direct access to up to 100 Influencers with over two Million reach at Australia’s Premier Influencer Marketing Event. Whether you have a new brand, or an existing one with a new campaign, this is the fastest proven way to access more Mums.

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Ignite Brand Growth

A systemised and high impact short or long term Influencer Marketing project designed to supercharge online brand momentum and drive product reviews. Mum Influencers, Mum Media, Mum Bloggers and everyday Mum Shoppers – all pre-screened, validated and well aligned – will deliver core campaign goals which we manage for you. Your foundation to future success if you’re looking for branded content, ambassadors, publicity, or more product reviews.

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Accelerate and Explode

Be sales ready with intense momentum and market noise that moves people to buy. This long term plan is a powerful combination of our most popular and proven blue chip offerings including: Influencer Marketing, Real Mum Reviews, Knowledge for Profit Market Research. PLUS, publicity, pr and media activation, bespoke event, product sampling and other custom growth accelerators. Be the brand force with maximum influence.

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