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We lead Mum centric brands to next level brilliance.

Australia’s leading agency shaping brands which speak to mums, Mumpower was founded in 2009. With a vast network of Mum Influencers, Mum Media and Mum Market Research Panelists, we keep the world’s most powerful consumers at the centre of the conversations and empower more Mums to know, love and trust your brand.

Three core areas of expertise

Market Research Hub

Are you developing your business and marketing strategy based on assumptions? Our ‘Knowledge is Profit’ Data Insights uncovers opportunity. Drive growth by knowing the facts.

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Influencer Marketing

Do you need super-fast brand momentum, product reviews and a massive publicity fix? These ‘Fast and Impactful’ results are done for you. Be seen. Be heard. Be bought

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Sales Accelerators

How much more ROI could you deliver, with industry insiders showing you how? This ‘Training For Excellence’ gives you strategic tools to get ahead. Gain our years of experience.

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Bloggers Brunch™

Easy access to 2 Million Mums.

Australia’s Premier Influencer Marketing Event creates highly leveraged relationships, accelerates brand awareness and advocacy. The new way to market to today’s Mums and launch with impact.

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How Mumpower works with brands

Why work with us?

Outstanding Results

This comes with 10 years experience across 300+ brands. We provide you with the insight, intel & systems, proven to increase your sales and drive advocacy.

Unrivalled Relationships

We invest in building relationships with your target audience. Fast track your goodwill with millions of Mums.

Innovative Solutions

Founders of Australia’s Premier Influencer Marketing Events, Billion Dollar Mum Research, and Advocacy Accelerators. We will leverage and amplify your ROI.

300+ happy customers and brands.

See real results. View case studies below or contact us for more info.

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“Any brand who wants to be successful needs to get on board, or be left behind.”
“We got 10 x the ROI – IN SALES. this has been a massive boost for us”
“This market research was fundamental – It was the backbone of all the decisions that we’ve made
“This whole campaign was super easy and professionally managed
“Our goal was to educate and change the way Mums view our brand and we were given the platform to accomplish that!
“We’ve done baby shows. We’ve done baby fairs. We’ve done EVERYTHING. THIS is the best thing we’ve ever done
“A fantastic opportunity for Catch. We are coming back next year
“We weren’t expecting this much coverage!
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