Mumpower is Australia’s leading agency shaping brands that speak to mums.

We know it’s largely Mums who hold the cards to household spending. The way brands engage with today’s Mums is critical to their success. Mumpower (formerly Kids Business Communications) was founded in 2009 by entrepreneur Christie Nicholas. After a career representing global brands that all sold products to Mums, Nicholas founded Australia’s first agency that exclusively and obsessively focused on understanding Mums, her buying behaviour and what brands must do to build fruitful relationships. Our mission is to lead a movement that educates, empowers and enables Mum-centric businesses to go further—and to involve Mums in the brand dialogue.

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We exist to lead Mum-centric brands to next-level brilliance.

And as a result, build relationships that accelerate Mum-to-Mum Advocacy. A mum’s referral is sales gold, because Mums turn to other Mums over any other medium. What Mumpower focuses on, is not only in finding and fostering relationships with more advocates. It’s in shaping a brand, crafting a message and executing it in a way that matters to her in the first place. This is the most under-valued, mishandled, or over-looked path to success – and our specialty.

We’ll power your brand forward.

Our solutions range from Market Research, Influencer Marketing, User Generated Content (UGC), Events, Product Reviews, and other Growth Accelerator Sessions designed to deliver engaging, authentic two-way conversations with your customers that build brand equity and amplify advocacy in a rapidly evolving and competitive marketplace.

Mumpower partners with brands, large and small, from all categories including FMCG, baby, children, family, retailers, food, health, home, entertainment, services, fashion, beauty, and everything in between.

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