February 5, 2024

Unlocking Consumer Show Success: 5 Proven Strategies to Maximise your ROI



Thinking about exhibiting at a consumer show this year? Whether it’s a pregnancy or baby expo, food and wine shows or home shows, the potential for customer engagement and brand visibility is enormous, but so is the effort required. At Mumpower, with over 10 years of experience in supercharging brands targeting Aussie mums, we understand the challenges and the untapped potential that consumer shows present. Here are 5 strategies to ensure you don’t just participate but thrive, turning your investment into significant returns.

Strategy Number 1:

Conduct on-site Market Research

Consumer shows are a goldmine of insights. Utilize this opportunity to understand your customer better. Gather feedback for New Product Development (NPD), discover the online communities she subscribes to, and do some competitor analysis. This on-site market research provides invaluable insights that empower you to make informed and strategic marketing decisions in the future.

Strategy Number 2:

Film Interviews & Capture Testimonials

Bring your brand to life by capturing real interactions with Mums at consumer shows. Film live demonstrations, document authentic testimonials, and showcase the genuine enthusiasm Mums have for your products. This rich content becomes a powerful asset for your social calendar, saving you hours of content creation while boosting your brand’s authenticity and relatability.

Strategy Number 3:

Host a pre-show Creator event

Elevate your presence at consumer shows by inspiring and educating the advocates who directly influence your customers. Hand-select influencers to attend a pre-event experience, fostering organic coverage and building anticipation for your brand. This strategic approach generates buzz and ensures your brand stands out from the competition.

Strategy Number 4:

Incentivise customers to post on her  personal social accounts

Harness the power of word-of-mouth recommendations from real Mums. Encourage them to share their experiences on their personal social accounts, creating organic User Generated Content (UGC). This authentic content resonates strongly with like-minded customers, fostering trust, loyalty, and an emotional connection with your brand.

Strategy Number 5:

Follow Up

Don’t let your connections fade away after the consumer show ends. Collate email or mobile numbers and implement a robust EDM or SMS strategy. Stay top of mind by offering discount codes for future purchases, celebrating milestones, and considering incentives like gifts with purchase or friends and family referrals. A thoughtful follow-up strategy sets the stage for turning brief connections into long-term customer relationships.

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