Project Description

Case Study:
South Australian Gourmet Food Co.

Campaign Activation: Influence with Impact

If you’re thinking ‘there has to be a better way to get fast, impactful results with influencers’ – you’re right, there is. This is an example of how our ‘Influence with Impact’ Campaign delivers powerful relationships that lead to advocacy and sales.

The problem:

South Australian Gourmet Food Company, a FMCG product, was launching a new range of soups into Woolworths stores nationally. There was an immediate need to amplify awareness to be seen, heard & bought.

South Australian Gourmet Food Company was looking for a campaign that would deliver the most amount of ROI and chose to focus on influencers.

This is what South Australian Gourmet Food Company said:

Numerous studies that show that word of mouth and influencers is one of the most powerful forms of marketing. People would rather hear from someone they trust than pure advertising and or expensive celebrities. When Mum’s see someone like them offering solutions to everyday problems, such as health and nutrition, they’re more likely to take message seriously.

We needed to find Mums to speak to Mums.Dean, Marketing Director

Action Plan

Mumpower implemented a best in class campaign approach by:

  1. Prescreening and selecting influencers from a vast network of 2000 Influencers, who were an exact match to the customer type and would appeal to other like buyers.
  2. Shaping a campaign content angle that combined real life pain points (consumers are time poor, don’t want to serve their family processed foods with nasty ingredients, struggle with meal ideas), to brand solutions of quick meal ideas, no nasties and recipe inspo.
  3. Bridging the gap between what Mumpower knows (through internal research insights) is currently trending for this consumer (for example supporting local, sustainability) with how the brand supports Aussie farmers and implements sustainable manufacturing practices
  4. Factoring in what triggers consumers to buy (real life reviews, recipe integration, authentic content) with impactful influencer marketing content influencers created.

Ultimately, because of Mumpower’s strategic and methodical approach, Influencers were well aligned, created engaging content that spoke to relatable problems and inspired consumers to buy.

South Australian Gourmet Food Company soon realised that this was more than your standard influencer outreach campaign:

“This is the first time we worked with Mumpower. I was impressed with the well-aligned, high-quality influencers in the Mumpower network. They were genuinely interested, had excellent engagement with hundreds and thousands of grocery buyers (our direct customers) and consistently produced innovative content.” Dean, Marketing Director


This campaign delivered:

Sales targets smashed by 46% via as a cumulation of:
-8 partnerships
-316K collective audience size
-29 pieces of content published
-23% Avg Engagement rage against reach
-180K Impressions
-175K Reach
-Boosted website traffic and social mentions.

In addition, the campaign scaled brand trust and delivered Brand advocacy, promoted retailers, Increased brand awareness and trials, inspiring customers in the process.

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What benefits did South Australian Gourmet Food Company see?

“The market response was immediate. Not only did we achieve more brand awareness and online engagement, we smashed our brand sales targets by an extraordinary 46% as a direct result. We will certainly be working with Mumpower again both for this brand and others in our portfolio.” Dean, Marketing Manager