Project Description

Case Study:
ABC Reading Eggs

Campaign Activation: Explode and Grow

Marketing trends prove how video reviews filmed by real users is the fastest way to inform, inspire and empower new customers. They’re emotive, relatable and appeal to all senses. Then how do brands scale the volume of reviews, maximise the ROI and maintain a level of control along the way?

Here’s a case study from ABC Readings Eggs “Explode and Grow” video review campaign driving brand advocacy. If ABC Reading Eggs can enjoy extraordinary outcomes, so can you.

The problem:

For ABC Reading Eggs, emotive video reviews from influencers who are also genuine customers are a powerful tactic to showcase the product benefits, demonstrate user experience and ultimately build relationships with more customers – if done well.

The following are critical to campaign success:

1. A significant network of the right-fit influencers

2. Time to manage a stringent vetting procedure

3. Resources to manage large volume of content

Like many companies, ABC Reading Eggs specialises in delivering a market leading product; understandably, their internal resources were not set up to effectively manage a large-scale video marketing review project, which required a separate skillset and dedicated resources.

ABC Reading Eggs, having worked with us before, turned to Mumpower, along with a strict criteria:

ABC Reading Eggs were looking for:

Mass coverage: 40+ established micro influencers to review their educational service

Specific content: All video reviews, include CTA and key messages, supplied for repurposing

Strict selection criteria: only genuine interest, values aligned, children in target audience

Extra restrictions: Their children had to star, set deadline, permissions to reshare sorted.

ABC Reading Eggs was hesitant at first…

What ABC Reading Eggs said:

“We knew this was a difficult ask. We don’t have the time or resources available to us right now to do this right, but it is important to us and an area we need to invest in because it’s powerful and we’ve already seen how partnering with influencers spreads the word.

Action Plan

The brand partnered with Mumpower to drive results in the Australian Marketplace, via our vast network of Mum Influencers who leverage relationships with Millions of Mums. The campaign was EXTENSIVE!

ABC Reading Eggs was set to receive

  • A panel of at least 40 established, active micro influencers to represent the brand
  • All influencers prequalified, genuine customers
  • Fast, immediate coverage
  • Strategies & training to scale campaign in future


The campaign smashed all goals set! ABC Reading Eggs was able to enjoy:

  • Powerful partnerships: 41, excellent quality influencer partners who produced 58 videos . ABC Reading Eggs has a new network of contacts to collaborate with again.
  • Bonus content: An additional 90 + pcs of content supplied (ie. Imagery + stories) to be reused. Brings total pcs of content to 130pcs!
  • Impressive reach: Collaborators outperformed the collective reach expected, with a combined audience of 500,000 Mums!
  • Prescreened and validated: All influencers secured were 100% best fit alignment
  • Fast results: live coverage by the deadline
  • Easy access: All content provided with permissions, ready for ABC Reading Eggs to re-promote via a variety of assets
  • Online advocacy: Endless online commentary; largely mum-to-mum endorsements from impressed readers, and healthy campaign engagement
  • System to scale: Mumpower established a templated campaign that will enable ABC Reading Eggs to scale and replicate in future
  • AND Value Add: Mumpower fast-tracked introductions to another 100+ pre-briefed Mums in our trial team, keen to promote to her personal network on a real grass-roots level. That way, the campaign influenced with impact and left no opportunities behind.

What ABC Reading Eggs said:

Overall Campaign

What ABC Reading Eggs said:

Overall Campaign

“Absolutely fantastic – We’re so pleased with the content we’ve received – you delivered. This project worked really well.”

“We have the results we wanted from the campaign and moving forward there’s even more value we can get from it.

I would definitely work with Mumpower again!”

Influencer Campaign

What ABC Reading Eggs said:

Overall Campaign

“We don’t have this size network that you have. Through this initiative we are building new networks we can connect with on future campaigns.”


What ABC Reading Eggs said:

Overall Campaign

“We are really impressed with the effort you make with screening everyone – this is impossible for us to do at this level”

“We liked that we received content continuously throughout the campaign”

“Getting permission from the influencers to utilise content and the overall management of this campaign was very effective.”

Reporting & Metrics

What ABC Reading Eggs said:

Overall Campaign

“We are very, very happy with the engagement; its polished and the assessment and metrics you gave in the report are really interesting. You’ve given us more than we asked and expected”

Highlight reel: