Project Description

Case Study:
Haier; a Fisher & Paykel brand

Influencer Marketing Event: Find out if this is the right activation for you.

Is it worth doing a private event? How do you create a bespoke influencer marketing event that delivers results you can measure? These are some of the questions we hear.  In this example below, discover extraordinary results possible when you curate a high impact event from start to finish, to drive word of mouth at scale and move people to buyer faster.

The problem:

Fisher & Paykel was facing a common challenge. They were launching a new range of large home appliances under their Haier brand that required extensive consumer education to become a considered brand.  Haier needed to fast track awareness and educate and inspire consumers at scale with measurable word of mouth impact, and an influencer marketing event with community leaders was the strategic way to achieve this – even in our illness prone world today.

For this brand, like many others similar:

  • Over 85% of Mums in family households are largely in control of the buying decision for household products and Mums spend more time online for entertainment, interaction, researching high value products than ever
  • The biggest deterrent to 1 in 2 sales lost is a lack of brand information
  • The number 1 source for Mums to discover a new brand is through Mum influencers and the brand had zero presence on this platform
  • The brand needed to fast track relationships with Mum influencers at scale – but they had a limited amount of product to allocate for collabs

The brand spokesperson explained:

“A personalised, hands on experience was needed because a lot of people don’t know about Haier and the Haier product offering, so that first introduction is key.”

Beyond educating, we needed that local touchpoint with the community, with those key community leaders – influencers – to really make the brand relatable, personable and more local.”

It was daunting as there’s so many things that we all have to action for an event.

We were concerned if illnesses and covid would impact how many people were attending. 

Plus, we were also concerned about the type and amount of content that would come through.”

Action Plan

Mumpower implemented their proven “Influence With Impact” Bespoke event activation to attract, educate and empower well aligned Mum influencers to fast track grassroots and powerful mum-to-mum recommendations.

Often where brands fail:

  • Lack of event strategy and journey mapping the entire process
  • Inviting influencers without prescreening and conducting value alignment
  • Failing to craft and share a compelling brand message that is Mum-centric
  • Missing key promotional opportunities that dilutes ROI

We recommended the Brand:

  • Curate an event that fostered interaction, education and organically empowered more attendees to share brand information by choice
  • Invite a wider network of prescreened, blue chip Mum Influencers that directly represented and appealed to like consumers
  • Leverage multiple touch points before, during and post event to maximise the likelihood of shared online brand coverage
  • Utilise our proven system to effortlessly formalise the best long term relationships with influencers beyond the event to serve as product ambassadors – and elevate the momentum the event deliverer


As a result of the Influence with Impact event strategy, Haier achieved brand advocacy and powerful mum-to-mum recommendations at scale, including:

1.Powerful Relationships: Haier fast–tracked relationships with 29 high impact promotional partners that speak to 1 Million Mums.

“Mumpower has the right network. The reach was far and wide”

2.Informed Advocates of value proposition: Haier physically demonstrated product value, category misconceptions and how the brand compares.

 “If you’re an unknown brand these private events give you an intimate experience to share more knowledge about the company, with a hands-on focus”

 “A lot of people hadn’t heard about the different types of appliances and walked away with more intel and how to cook with our range. We showed them the difference and what they could benefit from.”

3.Accelerate Word of Mouth: Within days 231 pieces of quality, organic brand content pieces were published to the media value in excess of $76,000 

“We generated a wide range of content!”

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4.Faster Sales: The volume, reach and engagement of the content published means more potential customers are properly informed and inspired to consider Haier.  This empowered more consumers to know, like and trust Haier.

“We’ve shown Influencers a range that’s very affordable, very attainable. Now they might consider Haier and might refer Haier onto other people as well.

 Mumpower provided the right stage gates for us, kept us on track, and delivered a great selection the right influencers for us to choose from.

FOR SURE we’ll work with Mumpower again. You definitely met expectations and were a great partner to have!”

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