Project Description

Case Study:
Protect a Bed

Campaign Activation: Accelerate and Explode

Ready to cement your brand positioning as the market authority? See how this historic brand fast-tracked advocacy and utmost relevance with the next generation of consumers via our Accelerate and Explode representation. They are powering their brand forward in amazing ways.

The problem:

Protect-a-Bed, a brand of mattress protectors has been providing product for households for many generations. However, the landscape and customer had changed. This meant that Protect-a-Bed had to invest in getting to know their customer today, as well as identify the most successful ways to reach her.

Action Plan

Our longstanding partner, Protect-a-Bed chose Mumpower to focus on introducing the brand and creating relevance with the new generation of customers, and to foster powerful relationships that lead to advocacy. Protect-a-Bed first partnered with Mumpower in 2011 and continues to work with Mumpower today, with our “Accelerate and Explode” ongoing retainer representation which includes:

• Influencer Campaigns Aus & NZ
• Influencer Events (Bloggers Brunch)
• Bespoke Events
• Market Research
• PR Initiatives
• Hero advocacy rating assessment
• Consultation and much more


During this time, Protect a Bed has seen market growth in terms of:

• Increased retailer support (both with existing retailers and new retailers)
• Measurable increase to online share of voice and brand sentiment
• 100% increase of the quality and quantity of online advocates
• With the media exposure alone, annually the brand receives a minimum of 150pcs of coverage, valued at over $135,000, reaching an audience size of over 1,000,000
• The brand has further solidified their position in the market as the authority
• The market research insights has also provided certainty and scope for massive growth opportunities

“I give you (Mumpower) 10 out of 10. You have an exceptional approach. You’re never pushy, you’re always professional and I can’t fault you”

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