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Case Study:

Campaign Activation: Influence with Impact

Sometimes brands we speak with love the ‘idea’ of working with influencers but feel hesitant to commit to a strategic campaign, even though social media activity is the Number 1 source where customers discover a brand in the first place.

We get it. The exact ROI for an influencer marketing campaign is impossible to determine up front, so it can be an expensive gamble. That is, unless you know how to work the system…

Read on about the sleeping giant that went from zero awareness to sold out nationally!  If they can do it so can you.

(Image courtesy of Lucas Girls Love)

The problem:

When we commenced a brand-new influencer marketing campaign for Sleepcorp last quarter, they were unsure of the likelihood of its success.

  • They were launching a brand new (Thermocool), unknown product and brand into the market (cooling pillows)
  • during the most cluttered time of the year (Christmas),
  • it was a higher priced item (in the heat of interest rate rises)
  • and they needed to drive sales to a range of different retailers (without watering down the direct link to buy)
  • and end up with ever-green content to drive mum-to-mum endorsements at scale. 

Fortunately, we’ve partnered with them for many years prior across all our services – and they trusted us to have a red hot go.

Action Plan

Sleepcorp chose Mumpower to implement our “Influence With Impact” proven formula to:

  • Craft the most compelling brand message that spoke to customers and the retail landscape,
  • Attract and validated 12 best fit partners selected from our vast network of thousands, to elevate the brand to new heights,
  • Produce briefs that enabled creative freedom and brand mandatories in a way that blew audiences away.
  • All done for them.

(Image courtesy of @caitlin.bailey)


When you know the best practice formula, and have access to a vast network of high impact promotional partners, an Influencer Marketing campaign that smashes results out of the park is in store. Sleepcorp benefited with:

  • Powerful partnerships: 12 new partnerships with esteemed and influential promotional partners with 325,000 followers collectively
  • Enough content to fill 12 month calendar: 36 pieces of high-impact and compelling content with permissions to repurpose and drive more eyeballs
  • Boosted website traffic: 27X their usual rate
  • Content cut through: compelling collaborations boasted up to 50% audience engagement
  • More sales: 2 out of 4 sku’s SOLD OUT COMPLETELY!

“We are really happy with how this campaign went. The influencers were a great fit and their content was extraordinary. We can’t wait to show retailers this.” Sleepcorp spokesperson

(Image courtesy of @krystal.brooke)

If you knew your next Influencer Marketing campaign would deliver this, would you say Yes?

If you’re over the trial and error, and want results done for you, then let’s discuss if what we do is in alignment with what you need. With industry experience since 2009 and, 450+ happy customers, we have refined the process to maximise your ROI.

Bonus for you.

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