Project Description

Case Study:
Springfree Trampolines

Market Research: Brand Growth Stimulator

Did you know that market research uncovers massive sales opportunities? Discover extraordinary results possible when you invest in understanding what your customer truly values and her steps to purchase. Our Market Research clients, including this example below, are successfully connecting with the today’s consumers.

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The problem:

Like many brands, Springfree Trampoline noticed a shift in buying behaviour coming out of a pandemic. It was time to realign with today’s consumers, their buying journey and brand perception to confirm what would be the fastest and smartest way forward to drive sales.  Rather than only asking their own customers for guidance, Springfree Trampoline recognised the value of getting external research insights from Australian mums

Springfree Trampolines said:

“We were trying to identify opportunities and actions to assist with driving our unit sales coming out of a pandemic, when we were highly sought after as an item for the family.  understanding that potentially trampolines may have less demand.

Firstly, we needed to know whether there had been a change in consumer behaviour in terms of how they’re buying, and would they continue to buy online now that there was a return to stores.

Secondly, we were looking for key purchase motivators and shopping behaviours that would help tailor specific campaigns.  

Thirdly, we wanted external research to uncover insights that were not possible to deliver ourselves.

You (Mumpower) are an independent body so it takes us out of the picture in terms of what we’re putting into it and the overall structure of the research. Plus, you have access to a large database of mums that may not be Springfree Trampoline customers or already following us, but could be trampoline intenders.”

Action Plan

Mumpower used the 360-degree research testing protocol via Quantitative Analysis to review the buyer journey, brand perception, competitive landscape, profitable opportunities and also recommend a future action plan to strategically realign the brand with today’s consumers and drive market growth.

Some highlights of the research established:

  • There was a very specific buying journey that Mums embarked on that started at least 6 months ahead of purchase
  • Australian Mums had a different perspective on the value proposition that mattered to them most than first assumed and this was limiting growth potential and hindering brand perception
  • The Influencer Marketing campaign needed a shift in strategy in order to deliver desirable and cost-effective results moving forward

We recommended the Brand:

  • Review exactly what marketing was taking place, and at what point, to ensure it matched the actual buying journey
  • Craft relatable brand message about the value proposition that mattered most to consumers, across all marketing touchpoints that appealed to this generation, and differentiated itself from competitors
  • Revisit the process for working with influencers to maximise ROI

Springfree Trampolines said:

“We discovered how consumers feel about product safety and the positioning around the importance of quality as key search needs. 

Now we understand how to have a relatable conversation so people know we’re worth the investment.

Support in successfully navigating the influencer space provided clarity on how people discover a brand, learn about a brand and how influencers best engage with their audience. This was an important discovery for our brand to move forward with.”


As a result of the research, recommendation and strategy, the brand achieved:

1.Incredible sales

“We rivalled a covid year. It’s extraordinary!  

 2. Market clarity and confidence

“Using an external party (Mumpower) we were able to be more bold about getting  insights more than what we previously were able to ourselves and to really understand our place in the market better.  

It’s had a major impact on our decision making process to therefore then make decisions that have impacted on actual sales.  It’s really helped knowing what was in a Mums head when it came to the brand.”

3.Boosted the cost effectiveness of their Influencer Marketing

“Learning about the role of a strong influencer campaign and lining that all up leading into and heavily focusing in our key sales period was a really important discovery piece with this research. Comparing the cost effectiveness for discovery using an influencer campaign versus the cost of paid digital media, meant we could use our paid digital media in more effective ways.”

4.Re-alignment with today’s consumers

“As a result of the research, we made revisions to language and tone that the open-ended results uncovered that was a different to what we had before.

You gave us a broader view of what’s really going on inside their heads. In the past we thought we knew the type mum, the age, how many kids, household salary. But now we broadened the horizons to get a wider view of the category and a more holistic view with a quantified number of people and reliable data”

5.Done for you results

“The Mumpower team was really professional, all the meetings well structured, it was quite direct and quick to get through.  From that professionalism standpoint it was really great

The way you presented the report was really clear and succinct! It had purpose, findings and what it means for outcomes.  It was something anyone in the company could pick up and read and understand. Loved that it was really easy to digest, the insights and recommendations for the next steps.

A really positive experience!”

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