Project Description

Case Study:
BIBS (Kollektive)

Campaign Activation: Product Reviews and Influencer Events

Often brands will come to us because they have secured blue chip retailers and need a marketing strategy to move product off shelf fast and to get that mum-to-mum trust and word of mouth buzz going!

That’s exactly what we did with Kollektive; the exclusive Australian distributor for BIBS, the cult-favorite brand of pacifiers and pacifier accessories making waves globally. Kollektive had undertaken an impressive expansion strategy, securing partnerships with major retailers like Priceline and Woolworths, while also making their products available at a wide array of independent retailers.

With this growing success, Kollektive was looking for a laser targeted and streamline marketing strategy to optimize their launch with key retail channels. Since the launch, Kollektive has re-signed to continue their partnership with Mumpower.

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The challenge:

Like many brands in the midst of expansion, the team needed to: quickly evaluate where to invest in first to get the most ROI for them and their retail partners and make fast decisions to capitalize on roll out dates. There were so many options available to them in the market; from advertising in parenting magazines, to generating traditional PR and everything in between. Without knowing exactly what moves people to buy – it is easy to spend resources without seeing the return.

They needed a partner that had the proven system, the resources, the network and the market experience to know exactly what would deliver impact in less time and in budget.

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Action Plan

Mumpower being the experts in mums exact buying journey, formulated a growth marketing action plan that was laser targeted to:

  1. Maximise brand awareness at the top of funnel
  2. Leverage the consideration phase and;
  3. Improve conversion at the decision making phase of the customer journey

To do this, Mumpower rolled out a Rev Up Review Campaign and also launched the brand through the high profile Influencer Marketing Event, the Bloggers Brunch.

About Rev Up Review: Through Mumpower’s vast network talking to Millions of Australian Mums, 200 selected Mums trialed product and shared honest, unincentivized reviews on

Bloggers Brunch: Kollektive also personally educated 83 Mum Influencers and Content Creators who collectively talk to 2 Million Mums.

Like with all customers, as a value add, MP did a temp check to get a birds eye view to get an understanding of the landscape to understand how BIBS can grow.


Results from both the Rev Up Review Campaign and the Bloggers Brunch demonstrated how relevant and impressed Australian Mums are for BIBS! This campaign boosted social proof, brand trust and mum-to-mum endorsements in a very competitive landscape.

Rev up Reviews Result Highlights:

  • Social Proof: 147 published reviews (including 105 five star reviews & 34 four star reviews)
  • Brand Trust: The product now ranked as the #1 and #2 product in ‘Pacifiers and Soothers’ category and #4 product in ‘Baby Bottles’ category
  • Mum to mum advocacy: Mums with collective reach of 75,000 followers organically promoted the brand on social giving the brand extra publicity
  • Honest, detailed and considered reviews (often with compelling photos) over and above a star rating were submitted with thoughtful feedback useful for sales and product teams in future.

What Mums Are loving:

“As a new parent inundated with advice, multiple products claiming to make your life easier, long list of do’s and don’ts, it can be exhausting picking products for your new baby. The BIBs Try-It 3pack is a lifesaver. It allows you and Bub to take a breath and see what shape teat will work for you.” Aileen F (

“The BIBS glass bottle is amazing quality. Easy to sterilise and warm up. The best quality bottle I have owned….10/10 recommend for quality, milk flow, shape and size of teat and bottle.” Cara D (

Bloggers Brunch Highlights:

  • In 3 hours, BIBS personally educated 83 Influencers with collective reach of 2 Million followers
  • And as an added burst of publicity, 34 infeed organic posts mentioning BIBS (plus an estimated 4 x stories per feed post shared) = equivalent of a solid campaign!
  • Fast-tracked collaborations with 42 aligned influencers for post-event

What Influencers said:

“Bibs was a favourite, we already use bibs dummies for Hugh our little one (so would also purchase) The team were truly amazing, I could really feel the connection behind the brand and they really made the effort to connect with me. We’re catching up for coffee in the coming weeks”  @mymummymelbourne (10.3k followers)

“I have been a long time customer of BIBS, they’re the only dummies either of my babies will use and have the cutest designs. I love their dummy clips too and am keen to try some of their other products.” @lauraclendon (17.5k followers)

What Kollektive said:

“We saved so much time, energy and resources. We’ve already shortlisted 42 [influencers] to work with and that would take so long to do! You’ve been able to fast track that and now we have this instant network!” Mel, Founder Kollektive

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