Project Description

Case Study: Bloggers Brunch

Campaign Activation Launch with Impact: Bloggers Brunch

Want to know exactly what results other brands just like yours generate as a direct result of participating in Australia’s Premier Influencer Marketing Event? Read below for some examples of outcomes possible for your brand. OUTSTANDING fanfare and superior results! (you can also read more about the recent Bloggers Brunch HERE

The problem:

Brands choose this solution for many/any of the following reasons:

• They need a grassroots marketing solution that will help them build brand equity or launch/amplify a campaign message asap

• Trialling products in person is a crucial way of demonstrating the effectiveness of their product/brand because it heightens advocacy and converts sales

• Companies don’t have time to identify and start the relationships with the most well aligned, pre-screened and informed influencers and content creators – they want this part done for them, and done well

• They know that their online reviews, the catalyst to success, are so much more powerful when produced by advocates that truly know, like and trust the brand; a result from actually getting to know one another better. But who has the time?

• They don’t have the resources or budget to arrange an influencer event of this magnitude

• They know that face-to-face meetings to build rapport and advocacy is 34 times more powerful than sending emails and DMs hoping for cut through, but they are time poor so need an efficient way of doing this.

Action Plan

  • A 3 hour event. What better way than to spend 3 hours with 70+ consumers who reach more than 2 Million of your potential customers? It’s the 80/20 rule – only better.
  • Top Quality Influencer Referrals: 70+ guests with 2 Million collective followers; Greater reach than morning TV
  • Pre-Qualified Campaign Interest, Secured in Advance from Influencers Ready To Go
  • Onsite 1-on-1 Meetings with High Profile Promotional Partners
  • Fast Results! Live Social Coverage at the Event and Beyond
  • Pre-Event Training to Maximise and Leverage Brand Success
  • Uncluttered environment. Maximum 14 awesome brands in the spotlight (strictly no competitors)
  • Access to today’s Mums: Millennial Content Creators on multiple social platforms including TikTok
  • More advocates = More buyers. Unique Hero Advocacy Rating Score for every single brand demonstrates a MASSIVE increase in brand sentiment and purchasing intent!
  • A unique way to market to Mums: The only proven platform that merges the intimacy of a consumer interface with the instant reach and power of social media.


In just 3 hours brands built brand awareness and establish powerful relationships with key promotional partners.

On average, brands secure campaigns with 20-30 influencers, to deliver multiple pieces of content each, valued at over $47,000! With many brands producing much more.

90% of brands who participate rebook!

HUNDREDS of success stories from all product categories. A few examples of outcomes below:

1. Attract Powerful Advocates:

Protect-A-Bbed personally educated 75 influencers, via in-person 1 on 1 educational sessions. During these meetings, influencers learnt about the product, the range, saw the impressive benefits of the product and had the opportunity to have a 2-way conversation with brand representatives. Enough content delivered to fill a 6 month promotional calendar!

“I give Mumpower a 10 out of 10!” – David, Protect-A-Bed Founder (Booked 5 Times!)

2. Generate Outstanding Customer Reach:

Collectively, these esteemed influencers reach out to Millions of readers via their social communities. (FYI –2.2 Million people watch the AFL Grand Final).

Mustela enjoyed 60 meetings, with 30 partnerships already underway as a result. The reach of confirmed collaborators is 750, 000. Plus, 52 Stories published immediately.

“We’ve done baby shows. We’ve done baby fairs. We’ve done EVERYTHING. This is the best thing we’ve ever done. Each time we do event we get more exposure.” – Mustela (Booked 3 times)


3. Secure More Successful Customer Experiences:

Content creators who met and connected with Hape at the event produced hundreds of organic powerful, descriptive, emotive user generated content on their social channels explaining the benefits of the products they experienced. This was an unrivalled amount of publicity and genuine user feedback! Equivalent media coverage is worth more than $65,000 and is only the beginning, with the attendees posting about the brand for weeks after the event.

We look forward to continuing to build meaningful connections with influencers and growing the awareness for the Hape brand in Australia. This is the start of new and great partnerships!” – Melissa Hamilton, U.Games Australia (Hape Toys)

4. Accelerate Advocacy, Sentiment, Purchase Intent:

A brand that has chosen to return to the Bloggers Brunch 8 times. Smash has been able to measure the direct result of meeting Influencers in person, have them experience the products and establish brand relationships. Attendees are surveyed both before and after the event to rate brand sentiment, advocacy and purchasing intent. In addition to facilitating hundreds of influencer relationships for Smash, their Hero Advocacy Results demonstrate consistently outstanding and improved scores.

“Any brand who wants to be successful needs to get on board, or be left behind.” – Smash (booked 7 times)

5. More Influential Buyers = More Powerful Advocates:

Moose Toys has heightened engagement and empowered more influencers to become converted buyers. Now with more genuine advocates, there is an increase in credible and personally invested influencers who in turn will influence more Mums to make informed buying decisions about product.

Within 10 weeks of the event Moose toys results include: 22 aligned, engaged, enthusiastic promotional partners with collective audience size of almost 1 Million Mums, producing 154 pieces of emotive, powerful, descriptive content including videos, stories, posts! Moose was also voted by the influences themselves as the Winner: Brand most likely to purchase, in the prestigious Bloggers Choice awards.

“You guys have done an amazing job & we’re so happy to see the great content come through.” – Moose Toys

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