November 27, 2023

The NSW Bloggers Brunch was a leveraged success for brands and influencers alike!

The Triumphant Resurgence of Australia’s Premier Influencer Event

On October 20 2023 the Bloggers Brunch returned to Sydney for the first time in 4 years to emulate the success of the Melbourne event earlier this year – and we’re still on cloud nine!

The event brought together a network of highly engaged content creators and some of the hottest and trusted brands that cater to the mum market, producing unprecedented amounts of social coverage, new brand partnerships and introducing new products and brands to a huge follower audience.

Sydney Highlights

  • Exclusive Brand Exposure: 14 leading brands showcased new and well-loved products all with category exclusivity.
  • Expansive Reach: Access to nearly 3 million mums via 85 high quality macro, micro and rising star Instagram influencers.
  • Brand Awareness across all Platforms: 65% of creators active on more than one platform including TikTok, YouTube and Facebook making it easy for brands to expand impact.
  • Pre-Qualified Engagement: Meetings secured in advance with best-fit influencers.
  • Personal Connections: Invaluable offline meetings solidified online relationships within hours, saving brands months in emails and dms.
  • Immediate Social Media Impact: 1500 organic social posts in just 7 days – testament to the support this event has by Mum influencers!
  • Undeniable Positive Results: 100% of brands and influencers said the event exceeded their expectations!

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Invaluable Brand Participation

Participating at the Melbourne Bloggers Brunch earlier in the year, returning brands Bibs, Britax, CleanLIFE, Hape, Gaia, Tooshies, Remington, Russell Hobbs and Smash alongside new participants Clover St, FunBrellerz, Stuck On You and Stork Nest enjoyed collaborating with the new cohort of Sydney-based influencers.

Brands were impressed by their level of influencer engagement, quality organic content and excited to maximise an abundance of partnership opportunities moving forward.

“The amount of content that came out on the organic front is unreal, UNREAL! People are still posting about it 3 weeks later. Some of the things influencers have been posting about CleanLIFE has been absolute gold. I can’t wait to start using their content.” CleanLIFE

“We had such great interactions and so much interest. There are some really great influencers that we would love to work with. Way too many people obviously, so we will have to select from there.” Remington

“Overall, I was really pleased with the event. I was super impressed with the organization and I totally saw the dollar value in how the influencers were posting and what they were posting with immediate use of the product. It exceeded my expectations.”  Stuck On You

Exclusive Opportunities for Showcasing Products

Household-name brands including Gaia and Tooshies recognize the value in meeting people in person that have crucial influence in their key demographic – other mums – to showcase products they may otherwise not have heard of.

“Like Melbourne, the Bloggers Brunch was instrumental in building awareness around other products we have in the range. We have definitely made heaps of new relationships, we’ve had lots of cute content created and have opened communication with some of the top influencers to do more for us.” Gaia

Unique Experiences from New Participants

Attending for the first time were Clover St representing NumberBlocks and Kanoodle, who highlighted exactly what make the event unique that they had not seen replicated.

“I have never experienced anything with that concentrated level of energy. We’ve done Toy Fairs where you have ebbs and flows of energy over a three-day period. The Bloggers Brunch was great- the level of engagement was fantastic and the influencers had lots of questions. I was surprised with the sheer level of engagement. I was expecting to have 20% of attendees fully engaged and maybe the rest just being there to get the show bags- but it was not like that at all.” Clover St

Also at their maiden event, Stork Nest were blown away with the quality of content that was organically shared about their products following the event.

“Straight away off the back of the Bloggers Brunch, we have been receiving high res images and footage that has come through to us directly. I went back to the business and was like ‘oh my god look at all of this!’. There’s so much beautiful content coming through.” Stork Nest

Content Creator Testimonials

Influencers raved about the invite-only event, with many returning for their 3rd or 4th year!

“Mumpower has really brought together some of the best businesses in the industry and some of the most powerful women influencers on Instagram. It’s been an amazing day, getting to meet all these businesses and women together and support each other through socials. It’s been an absolute pleasure to be here.” Annie @sydlifeofus

“What a day! So many beautiful brands, mums and Mumpower representatives all in one space. The energy was electric, everyone friendly and wanting to chat, and the brands so eager and generous. Could not have asked for a better day!” Erin @theb_bgirls

Remarkable Brand Feedback

FUNBrellerz had never ventured into the world of influencer marketing before and were blown away with the levels of engagement and reach they achieved by meeting with the influential Sydney mum network. See what Simon, Managing Director of Clifton Australia had to say:

“As someone who hasn’t previously used a channel to reach out to influencers- if you have the opportunity to engage for the for first time. Working with Mumpower and being at the Bloggers Brunch, what an incredible opportunity. I would certainly recommend it to anyone who is really trying to reach out to Mums and even the kids in the Australian community.”

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