Project Description

Case Study:

Campaign Activation: Ignite Brand Growth

Looking for an easy way to establish measurable brand momentum? Then read on. This is an example of how our ‘Ignite Brand Growth’ (continuous representation) will accelerate fast and impactful results done for you.

The problem:

Medela is a trusted, global authority in breastfeeding products and support. They understood that to maintain this credible share of voice requires commitment to understanding the audience, and playing a very active role in the current consumer dialogue in order to stay top of mind, loved and trusted. Medela needed to stay ahead of the game in the most efficient and effective way possible. To navigate the space themselves, would have taken a significant amount of time, resources and focus.

Action Plan

Medela chose to partner with us via the ‘Ignite Brand Growth’ ongoing representation, as a way to immediately expand their marketing resources, connections and intel with a highly specialised team that truly understood their customer.

Medela has been a Mumpower partner since 2014! Throughout this time we continuously amplify the Medela brand and new products via:

• Influencer Campaigns,
• Influencer Events, (SEE LATEST EVENT HERE)
• Bespoke Events,
• Market Research,
• PR Initiatives,
• Content Creation/Filming
• Consultation and much more.


• Significantly increased the volume and quality of influential and fruitful relationships by 400% driving genuine mum-to-mum advocacy and recommendations
• Impactful and multi-dimensional publicity continuously delivered
• Eye opening marketing intel utilised in many ways for more value
• Maximised ROI from consumer shows saving costs while increasing output

“Thank you for everything you and your team have done for Medela! It’s been a great year for us and the work you have fostered with our influencers has helped spread positivity with mum consumers through our social channels. I couldn’t have done the Freestyle Flex launch event without your help and so grateful for your expertise” Medela Representative

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