Project Description

Stuck On You

Boost sales faster with a strategic marketing to mums approach!   

There are many brands that were once the market leader now declining or not keeping up with competitors. These brands have 3 choices; they can hold off and ‘wait and see’ what the market brings, they can desperately trial a few sporadic initiatives in the hope that they work, or, they do what ‘Stuck on You’ boldly did and rebuild a powerful ecosystem of strategic marketing initiatives to reclaim their position of authority.

This is their journey…

The Situation:

For over 30 years Stuck On You has been helping Aussie families keep track of their children’s possessions, with their range of personalised labels and back-to-school essentials lovingly made in Melbourne. Originally founded through a Mum’s passion to organise her son’s belongings, it grew and grew as more parents wanted this easy way to save money by no longer having to replace everything their kids lost or left behind.

But times changed and before coming to Mumpower, the business faced 3 significant shifts that were impacting sales:

  1. Heavy competition made it harder to stand out: A flooded market due to advances in technology and emerging low-cost competitors via ecommerce pure plays and online marketplaces. Mums had more options to choose from.
  2. No compelling social proof: Mums now demanded to see online recommendations, with reviews and social media playing a more crucial role in their consideration phase that the brand was not leaning into. In fact, their reviews were dated and inaccurate and turning mums away.
  3. They were less relevant and lesser known by today’s shoppers. New mums, with different buying motivators, had emerged as customers, and they were discovering brands differently to before, i.e. through influencers, trending social platforms and higher performing, compelling content, but this brand simply wasn’t on their radar.

They were at a crossroad.

Stuck on You had to turn their brand around, connect with today’s customer and optimise their key sales period by boldly doing what they hadn’t done before. But, this was risky for them.

  • What if the new marketing activities didn’t equate to achieving the global sales projections – would this be a waste of their allocated marketing funds and missed opportunity?
  • What if they didn’t invest in the new marketing activities or work with the experts at all – and instead continued to do what they were doing in the same way, make market assumptions, and sales targets fell short?

Stuck On You were reassured to move forward with experts by their side who knew their customer inside out and best practice solutions to execute marketing messaging that genuinely speaks to today’s consumer, Mums.


And so, Mumpower rolled out a 9 month Growth Marketing Roadmap to Optimise Sales which included:

  1. A comprehensive Mum shopper team Rev Up Review Campaign – to attract honest and independent reviews for improved brand perception and visibility and social proof to amplify consumer confidence, Mum-to-Mum endorsements and faster decision making.
  1. Participation in the Bloggers Brunch, Australia’s premier influencer marketing event that fast tracks relationships between brands and influencers that speak with 2Million consumers and drives online and offline brand advocacy immediately.
  1. A high impact long term Influencer Campaign – boosting brand awareness at scale to attract more potential customers during their peak sales period and ensure the brand was being seen continuously by more consumers. Plus, the peer to peer content was designed to be leveraged brand ads, social, website and influencer socials strategically in the lead up to their peak sales season


The results delivered outstanding metrics.

Stuck On You increased lead generation through a significant uplift in organic traffic which assisted in moving more Mums along the entire purchase journey.

Stuck On You General Manager, Annemieke Mensink said they enjoyed a 165% increase in organic traffic year on year.

“We’ve seen a HUGE ‘underscored capital letters’ growth in our organic traffic, and I really think that where Mumpower has have been able to give us a good push, so it’s largely attributed to our influencer work with you”.

Other campaign highlights include:

Review campaign results:

  • Quantity of reviews: 200+ new, honest, varied reviews now published on Australia’s number most trusted review portal
  • Improved brand perception: 300% increase in 4- and 5-star reviews
  • Organic endorsements:190k bonus reach from content posted on socials
  • Strong shifts in organic SEO rankings for Stuck On You

“The number one for me was product reviews. The product reviews are what really drive success. I really think that from a customer perception piece in terms of trustworthiness, quality, it really repositioned us as a brand. Doing that first was absolutely the right way to go. Then overall from an influencer point of view, I think I really see it as an ecosystem. It all has to come together”. Annemieke Mensink

Bloggers Brunch results:

  • Educated and empowered the gatekeepers: though in person one on one meetings to share information and fast track meaningful relationships
  • Faster access to up to 3 Million Mums: by personally meeting 85 invested influencers with a combined audience size of over 3 million mum centric followers.
  • High impact short term campaign: Activated a robust Black Friday #gifted Mum influencer marketing campaign with 13 creators, resulting in over 143,000 impressions.
  • High impact long term campaign: That led to 14 post event collaborations for Back To School influencer campaigns – generating 36% more content than promised!
  • Maximised brand awareness: More than 200 pieces of organic coverage within days equivalent to a campaign value of $32k.
  • Consumer Insights: post event Market research assess the impact on brand sentiment, awareness, advocacy and purchasing intent.
  • Mum to Mum advocacy: Dozens of brand testimonials share with brand to repurpose.

“The event exceeded my expectations. I was super impressed with the organization and I totally saw the dollar value in how the influencers were posting and what they were posting with immediate use of the product.”
Annemieke Mensink

Influencer Marketing campaign results:

  • Full content calendar: exploding with 120 pieces of varied material they can repurpose.
  • Trusted Brand Advocates: 27 new relationships with influencer that speak to 819K others are now more invested in the brand and how it benefits Mums
  • HUGE 165% increase in organic traffic: year on year during peak period
  • Maximised brand awareness: 13% average engagement rate and 86% more content than expected as a bonus!

“The videos were really good, really engaging. The child’s age was bang on target, the mums were super relatable, not too flashy or done up and the content was really usable and resonated with me.” Annemieke Mensink.

Final Say

The powerful combination of exclusive in-person events, product reviews and influencer marketing delivered through Mumpower expertise, has positively increased Stuck On You brand awareness, strengthened consideration and markedly improved conversion for buyer decision making. This is their foundation for future growth.

“In such a short period of time, what Mumpower has done has repositioned and refocused us, specifically in social. You’ve given us another focus and another layer we can definitely build on. Now we’ve got gold in our hands. The rebuild of our presence in market has been faster than even I was expecting. I’m very proud of what we have delivered here together”. Annemieke Mensink

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