August 1, 2018

Mater Health details the real benefits to brands participating at Australia’s Premier Influencer Marketing Event vs General Consumer Shows.

Mater Heath, alongside 10 fabulous brands who all sell products mums buy, recently accessed 2.1 Million Mums via The Bloggers Brunch – Australia’s Premier Influencer Marketing Event, to create highly leveraged relationships with 50 influencers and showcase and provide education around the Mater Nappies range.

In this Q&A, Mater Health explores results generated via the Bloggers Brunch and how exactly it compares to consumer baby expos:

What was the quality of influencers you met with like?

“They were high quality and engaging. It was a great opportunity for us to tell our story which is quite different from anybody else. Because the audience were engaged, we were able to tell that story. It was just a really great moment!

I actually found myself quite emotional throughout the day, hearing their stories and understanding why they are doing it. We are so passionate about what we do and to hear how passionate they are about their blogs and why they started their blogs is really touching.”

How many women did you meet with today?

“At least 50 between the three of us, probably even more. They were all high-quality interactions. Trying to get through all of them was intense but well worth it.

Do you see yourselves working with some of these women after the event?

Yes definitely! And we’ll tailor that relationship around what segment they work in. We’ve got the hospital, we’ve got the charity and we’ve got our products, so depending on where they sit with their audience’s and what we are trying to get out of it, there’ll be collaboration customised based on relevance to their audience.”

For brands out there who have done baby expo but they’ve never been to a Blogger’s Brunch what would you say is the main difference?

“The main difference is how engaging the one on one time is, with someone who is so influential in the mum community. At the Bloggers Brunch, you’re talking to a different audience. You are not talking to the end user; these women are influencing more of those every day users.

In terms of the return it is different – and very valuable for us because of their influence in the community. 5 to 10 years ago, mums would have a lot of mothers’ groups and connect and talk through that. Mums need each other, we need to know that what we are doing or what my child is doing is normal, it’s okay and we will get through it – It is a really good support network. The Bloggers Brunch event is the online experience of a Mums Group.”

How did you find the process of working with Kids Business from start to finish?

“We are quite experienced at doing expos. My impression is that this was very well organized , very professional and did step us through every step of way. I think it would be very supportive for smaller brands who may not have done something like this before.”

Do you think it’s better for other brands like yourselves, to do something like this -of this size- yourselves or is a better use of your time to work with people like Kids Business who can action results on your behalf?

“I definitely would want Kids Business to do it for us because they know who the bloggers are, they already have that segment worked out. They have many years of experience behind them, whereas we don’t.

It is better return for Kids Business to organize it and for us just to turn up. Kids Business knows what works and what doesn’t work at these events. We have learnt how to be an exhibitor to a certain audience. This is what we do well, and this is Kids Business do well. When you put it together there are going to be some good returns.”

“We have worked with many organizations for events and expos and in terms of the organizations this is the best one we have worked with in terms of level of organizations and engagement, it just felt genuine.”

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