March 30, 2023

Mums changing the world one CleanLIFE wipe at a time!


CleanLIFE is on a mission to refresh personal, baby and home hygiene solutions of Australian-made, plastic-free wipes and has chosen Mumpower, Australia’s leading agency shaping brands that speak to Mums, to join their cause and drive this movement with Australian families over the coming year.

Given that Mums trust the recommendation of other Mums more than any other medium, Mumpower will collaborate with their vast network of Mum Shoppers and Mum Influencers who speak with millions of others to test, assess and share their honest experience of the range of the biodegradable wet wipes – at scale.

This is a timely partnership with Mumpower’s latest research* showing more than 86% of Millennial Mums had purchased a ‘sustainable’ product in the last three months – 52% more conscious compared to 12 months ago – and the Mumpower network has jumped at the chance to protect their family’s health. In the first few weeks of the partnership an unprecedented number of Mums put their hands up to trial the CleanLIFE range of sustainable solutions for hygiene and cleaning that are compostable and less carbon-intensive than imported wipes.

CleanLIFE Managing Director and Founder Phil Scardigno:

“More than 96% of wipes used in Australia are imported and made of plastic, contributing to more than 25 million kilos of plastic waste of Australian landfills each year. We’re committed to the sustainability cycle, providing an environmentally-friendly alternative answering to the growing consumer awareness and advocacy that is so prevalent with Australian Mums today.”

Early results

Within weeks, 226 reviews have already been shared publicly and a further 25 social posts organically posted, testament to the Mums’ genuine affinity with the brand, with more to come. As a result of the Rev Up Reviews campaign, the brand was awarded by as best in three categories: Bathroom Cleaners, Floor & Grout Cleaners and Kitchen Cleaning Products.

One of the Mums, @xavsmum has been trialling the surface disinfectant wipes and says,

“CleanLIFE surface wipes are where it’s at! Aussie made & owned, plastic free, smell good, compostable & biodegradable. Can’t fault this product! They leave our benches clean, disinfected, smelling nice and then I just pop them in the compost!”

While @mumma.and.her.bears says of the body wipes,

“I love how convenient it is when you are on the go and don’t have a shower near by, it’s great for a freshen up! Made with Davidson Plum, Lemon Myrtle and Jojoba to create a gentle and non-irritating fresh clean. They are also alcohol, bleach & plastic free and have been dermotologically tested. It comes in a large size as well so you get a lot of use for one wipe!”

And CleanLIFE are encouraged by the results:

Managing Director:

“When Mumpower provided statistics on the buying influence of mums in the #fmcg space, I was intrigued, however after working with the team, it became a clear reminder to know who your client is so you can deliver more of what they want.  Mums are telling us our australian made plastic free wipes are best for everyday life, we’re on board with that.”

Communication and Media Manager:

“For my first dip into shopper trials and product reviews, the Mumpower team have helped us here at CleanLIFE achieve incredible results in brand awareness and engagement already. This has been a fabulous partnership so far and we’re only a third of the way in!”

Mumpower is equally proud to have been able to personally introduce the brand into aligned retailer Baby Bunting and deliver value-add sales support. Baby Bunting have subsequently committed to ranging a selection of the products. 

CleanLIFE will also be in the spotlight at Australia’s Premier Influencer Marketing Event and Mumpower initiative, the Blogger’s BrunchTM, to educate and inspire Mums to make the switch to a cleaner life.

Communication and Media Manager:

“It’s very obvious that you’ve done this many times and you’ve done this well many times. We are the beneficiaries of that experience and that knowledge.  (At Bloggers Brunch) I was really pleased with how genuine the conversations were. We learnt more about the influences and; how they choose their brands, what they know about their followers, what sort of brands their followers are interested in and, how they maintain that authenticity.”

Mumpower CEO, Christie Nicholas says:

“Australian Mum Shoppers are keen to discover product and brands that make a genuine impact on her life and the planet and CleanLIFE is a game changer for them.  Our role is to empower today’s Mums to make informed buying decisions about quality, relevant and affordable Australian health and wellness products for them and their family.”

The story of Phil and fellow co-founder Corey’s journey to make CleanLIFE plastic-free wet wipes, has been documented by independent filmmaker David Mackey from Mackbel Films.  Available online now, “SLINGSHOT” will inspire the business community and reinforce the importance of responsible and sustainable manufacturing

CleanLIFE soft pack range can be purchased at selected Foodland stores and Chemist Warehouse & Baby Bunting across Australia or directly from

*About the Research; These findings were all part of a broader consumer study “Australian Mums Today”; a comprehensive research study commissioned by Mumpower capturing Mums current sentiment, spending intentions within the current economic climate to see where Australian Mothers are at after a tumultuous couple of years. The study conducted from October 5-16, 2022 amongst 515 Australian Mums, largely Gen X and Millennial Mums, is extensive and provides insights for marketers, advertisers and brand custodians who specifically speak to this market.


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