September 2, 2019

Imagine you could increase your sales without throwing money away…

Having worked with hundreds of brands, we see the same mistakes that brands make that affect sales. Irrespective of product, category, or size, these mistakes are avoidable.

If you want to boost impact, see below checklist. Is there anything you can improve on?

No time? That’s ok. We’re here if you want to bounce around some thoughts. Your success is our obsession.

5 mistakes some Established brands make when marketing to Mums:

  1. Successful with the previous generation, but lost touch with future/today’s customers
  2. Relying on the goodwill of the brand to bring in the sales
  3. Making assumptions. Don’t know for certain why/why not the customer is buying
  4. Little relationship marketing. Lacking 2-way, personalised relationships with customers
  5. Not leveraging marketing outcomes to increase ROI- missed sales opportunities

5 mistakes some Emerging/Smaller brands are making when marketing to Mums:

  1. No obsession over securing sales/lack of sales strategy as number 1 concern
  2. Throwing money at marketing to ensure success – avoiding a lot of grunt work required
  3. No clarity on KSF and why Mums would care, therefore message promoted is diluted
  4. Waiting too long to get expert support to boost knowledge/acquire skills for fast growth
  5. Not doing market research with Mums before launch to test and fix the product to market fit


Then let’s jump on a 15-minute call to discuss your plans to market to more Mums this year. In this call we will:

  • Explore previous/current challenges you are experiencing marketing to Mums
  • Share custom market research intel, relevant to your goals and challenges
  • Identify and explore 2 critical ideas to ensure you smash your goals further

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