January 11, 2019

Influencer, Vanessa (Child Blogger) standing beside Buzz Lightyear showing Lowan's Whole Foods Toy Story range

Why has Child Blogger come to five (yes, five) Blogger Brunch events, and is still an advocate? Here is why…

Our Bloggers Brunch is a lot more than a live interactive, networking event that gives you access to leading brands across many different categories. It is also an event that endeavours to inspire, motivate and empower you, as mothers and businesswomen.

We had a chat to mum of two and kick-ass business women Vanessa, founder of Child Blogger to find out why she has come to not one, not two, not three, but FIVE different Bloggers Brunch events. And this is what Vaness had to say about how she benefits:

1. Get to know the faces behind the brands and products you want to work with.

“You are in control – You can meet and get to know the brands face-to-face and see who you want to work with. I really do think live interaction brings another level of connection between you and the brand.

This type of engagement is imperative in developing a relationship based on honesty and transparency. It really is a lot more authentic than an email or a phone call. You can truly get a sense and feel (literally) for the brand and decide whether or not they align with what you advocate for and what you write about. It’s a good opportunity to decide if they are a good match or not, obligation free.

That’s the great thing about the Brunch, you can walk in and decide, yes, I want to work with that brand OR no I don’t want to work with them.

Essentially, you’re doing it for your personal brand and more specifically your audience. This face-to-face meeting is invaluable and really is the key to building and nurturing a long-lasting, mutually beneficial relationship.”

2. Build long-lasting brand relationships: take Mater for example.

“A perfect example of a partnership initiated by the Bloggers Brunch is Mater. I met with Mater in July 2018, we have collaborated together a number of times since then and it’s evolved into a natural partnership.

Before meeting them at the Bloggers Brunch, I had heard of Mater but never used them or realised the enormous scope of their brand. The Bloggers Brunch provided the perfect foundation to understand more about them, a lot more you can gather on a TVC commercial or through their ‘about me’ page. The event provides you with the ability to interact, develop and grow a long-term partnership with many diversified brands. It’s a good opportunity to meet the humans behind the brand and decided if their values and messages provided authenticity to your blog.

If we are to go back to how and why the Bloggers Brunch help nurture relationships, it really goes back to those face-to-face meetings. An email cannot take one look at your child and instantaneously assess what product and size nappy they need!”

3. Network – it isn’t as scary as you think!

“I know it can feel daunting walking into an event not knowing anyone, and sometimes it feels like everyone knows each other and you are the outsider, but it really isn’t like that at all. This is your community, make sure you are a part of it.

My first one (event) seemed scary, I didn’t know anyone. But when you start meeting other bloggers and start interacting and chatting, it is fun and exciting.

It’s a really good way to build a network and connections with like-minded mums. Not only is it like an online version of a mother’s group, but they are all a part of your work industry. Ask questions and build your own brand from the experience of others who’ve been doing it longer.

That’s always been a good thing about the Brunch, it helps you grow. I think it’s also a great opportunity for me as a blogger and as an employer to still grow friendships and networks.”

Child Blogger’s top 3 tips

My number one tip would be: talk to all the brands even if you don’t think they’re a great fit. You never know. Have a chat with them and see what their angle is and why they want to work with you.

Give everyone a fair opportunity and pitch your ideas, they are always looking for new and creative ways to work with people just like you.

Just come, enjoy the experience and some free product. The vibe on the day is incredible, you almost don’t want to leave for school pick up.

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