November 6, 2019

Ferris Wheel at carnival - School holiday favourite

Christmas is around the corner. Below, learn more about the buying mindset of Mums during holiday seasons. Check out easy hacks to capitalise on!

Do you know what Mums are thinking at the moment? If not, we’ve got your back.

We continuously reach out to Mums within our growing market research panel of 12,000+ participants for feedback on current affairs. This way, we can give you clarity around trends and certainty around Mums’ purchasing behaviour, that leads to more sales.

Regardless of what product you sell, be it FMCG, Appliances, Children products, Beauty, Fashion, Health or Home, if Mums are the main buyers of your product, then the recent school holidays period would have interrupted your sales.

Can you hear the parents happy dancing now that the kids are back in school? It’s not just because they’re over the unregulated mayhem. School holidays are expensive!

How much ‘extra’ did Mums outlay over 2 week school holidays?

  • 65% of households spent well over $300
  • 20% spent $200-$300
  • Only 9% got away with spending $100 or less

And where did all this money go???

  • 55% of the time money was ‘forked’ out for more food
  • While 40% went towards entertainment/experiences
  • 5% spent on toys/games

While Mums are spending more, it’s not a booming time for all categories.

Reasons affecting sales:

  • Mums are in a different shopping mindset as their shopping routines are disrupted. Plus, extra spending on entertainment/food makes purchasing decisions for non-essential product more considered
  • Her direct and predicable shopping needs shift so there is no need for certain products/brands, usually a staple in her household
  • She’s online at different times for different reasons, therefore how much, and what she is looking to buy online is affected. Brand engagement is also disrupted.

What’s the good news about school holidays spending?

  • A change in routine means she’s trying new products, services, experiences for her family than usual
  • Different influences means she’s seeing/talking to different people discussing different things, products, etc
  • A pivot in mindset means she’s reviewing her habits/routines and is susceptible to changing brands/product preferences to will improve her life, budget, needs going forward.

Our Verdict – How can brands use the school holiday period to their advantage:

  • Sell a story about the brand that talks to her needs. Create, pre-market a campaign around your product that will improve her school holiday experience.
  • Look at product sampling during/prior to this time. Engagement is high as they seek stimulation/entertainment
  • Jump in with solutions to make the next part of their journey even better as emotions at the end of school holidays peak in anticipation of routine
  • Create brand experience VIP events during this time that also involve her children