March 17, 2020

Customers interacting with brand representative

Something Mumpower has continuously stressed is the need to have your customer’s needs at the forefront of communication.

Here’s a simply way to ensure you’re crafting powerful, resonating messages and building relationships that will see you through this time.

It simply can’t be business as usual at the moment, because all our customers’ needs and wants and place in the product decision making cycle has been adjusted, so ‘usual’ is not 100% effective. It does not mean an end to communicating or building relationships, it means an adjustment.

If experts are correct, solid brands will again bounce back fast and strong. Therefore, maintaining customer relationships with a change of tact will assist with swifter growth when the time is right.

This is a simple visual exercise to recognise what your customers previously wanted from you pre Covid-19 what they want at the moment. By doing this, you will continue a brand journey with them, rather than apart.

1. See Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs:

Basically, we start from the bottom and we can’t satisfy our next set of needs until previous one is met.

2. Accept where your customers were sitting pre-virus, vs where they are today

i.e. Pre-virus, were you addressing customers ‘growth needs’? Society is now mainly prioritising ‘deficiency needs’. Unless your brand marketing adapts you won’t see eye to eye.

3. If your customers are in different state now, revise brand messages/campaigns.

Try ‘level up’ to where they are. In some instances, see how/if messages can be redefined to now address deficiency needs. If you do this, execute respectfully, rather than in a way that is exploiting the situation.